Beauty Products That Work Just Like Magic


Whoever said that magic doesn’t exist surely hasn’t seen the results of these beauty products!  Partner these with these best makeup cheat sheets and you’re good to go!

#1 Water Color’s Hydrating Hair Color Mask

How fun is this product?  Moisturize your hair while experimenting with different hair colors (both neon and pastel)!

Water Color's Hydrating Hair Color Mask

#2 Pretty & Polished’s Color Changing Nail Polish

Depending on the temperature, this nail polish will change color.  No need for a nail polish remover to change your nail color!

Pretty & Polished's Color Changing Nail Polish

#3 NYX’s “The Blue” Lip Gloss

This clear gloss from NYX warms up when you apply it, changing into a pinkish/reddish color with blue undertones.  This will also make your teeth look whiter.

NYX's The Blue Lip Gloss

#4 Impulse Cosmetics’ Mattifying Lip Powder

Change the texture of your usual satin or shiny lipsticks by turning them matte with Impulse Cosmetics’ Mattifying Lip Powder!

Impulse Cosmetics' Mattifying Lip Powder

#5 Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Seal

Waterproof any of your makeup—just mix a few drops of this seal whether with cream eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, or cream liner.

Make Up For Ever's Aqua Seal

#6 Salty Cosmetics’ Glama-zoid! Custom Eyeshadow

If you have a hard time looking for the best eyeshadow for your skin tone, use this iridescent powder that will reflect different hues based on your skin tone.  If you are darker, you will get a purplish color.  If you are lighter, you will get a pinker color.

Salty Cosmetics' Glama-zoid! Custom Eyeshadow

#7 Bourjois’ Magic Nail Polish Remover

Just stick your finger in this bottle for a quick second and it will fully remove all traces of your nail polish.

Bourjois' Magic Nail Polish Remover

#8 Chanel’s Gommage Microperle Éclat Exfoliating Gel

Rub this exfoliating gel all over your body or target areas and see your dead skin collect into clumps.  It may sound gross, but the result—radiant and baby-soft skin!

Chanel's Gommage Microperle Éclat Exfoliating Gel

#9 DERMAdoctor’s Gorilla Warfare Hair Minimizing Deodorant

Minimize your shaving and waxing of your underarms with this minimizing hair product!

DERMAdoctor's Gorilla Warfare Hair Minimizing Deodorant

#10 Stila’s One Step Correct

Stila’s One Step Correct primes, moisturizes, and brightens your face.  Just one serum to change the way you look at skin care and beauty!

Stila's One Step Correct

#11 Givenchy’s Hydra Sparkling Lip and Cheek Balm

This is a lip and cheek balm that matches your lip and cheek color, no matter what the skin tone!

Givenchy's Hydra Sparkling Lip and Cheek Balm

#12 Dior’s Nail Glow

When you apply this on your bare nails, your whites will become whiter and your pinks will become pinker.  So pretty!

Dior's Nail Glow

#13 Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liner

This is a completely pigmented waterproof liner.  Have no doubt about it…when you apply it, it will stay on.

Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liner

#14 Perlier’s Limone Crackling Ice Body Water

This lotion fizzes and crackles when you rub it on your skin.  It’s fun but also very refreshing!

Perlier's Limone Crackling Ice Body Water

#15 Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Before you go out, spray this on your make-up.  It makes a big difference.

Urban Decay's All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray