Ben Chen’s Horrifyingly Hilarious Pop Icon Illustrations


Artist/illustrator Ben Chen’s love of pop culture combined with a dark sense of humor equals morbidly hilarious illustrations. Whether he’s re-imagining classic kids’ cartoons with a more morbid theme or mashing up pop culture icons from various movies and video games, one thing is clear. Ben Chen has one wickedly dark sense of humor. I mean, who else could make you laugh about Tigger’s ultimate and fate?

Although his illustrations are done in a simplistic and playful style, Ben Chen’s power does not lie in his drawings but in his sharp and twisted wit. If you were ever curious about what would happen if Marty McFly went back to the time of dinosaurs or if an ear of corn would fare against the electric chair, Ben Chen has the answer. Check out some of Ben Chen’s horrifyingly hilarious pop icon illustrations below.

1. Alien Dog

Alien Dog

2. Apple Rope Jumping

Apple Rope Jumping

3. Bear Eats Fishes

Bear Eats Fishes