The Best Makeup Cheat Sheets You’ll Ever Need


So you admit it.  You’re not like these celebrities who look good (or not!) without makeup.  Either way, it’s great to have a helping hand through these makeup cheat sheets when trying to look better for both special and regular days.

#1 Makeup Expiration

From Consignment Couture.

Makeup Expiration

#2 Skin Undertones

From Olive Skin Beauty.

Skin Undertones

#3 Eye Makeup Brushes

From Skin Owl.

Eye Makeup Brushes

#4 Face Brushes

From Pinterest.

Face Brushes

#5 Makeup Focus

From Haze.

Makeup Focus

#6 Skin Prep Before Makeup

From Mario Badescu.

Skin Prep Before Makeup

#7 Concealer Map

From Trend-Kid.

Concealer Map

#8 Blush and Bronzer Cheek Contouring

From Pinterest.

Blush and Bronzer Cheek Contouring

#9 Blush-On By Face Shape

From Brit + Co.

Blush-On By Face Shape

#10 Highlighting and Contouring

From Beauty 101.

Highlighting and Contouring

#11 Perfect Brow Application

From Pinterest.

Perfect Brow Application

#12 Eyeshadow Placement

From The Beauty Foodie.

Eyeshadow Placement

#13 Eye Makeup Based on Eye Shape

From Babble.

Eye Makeup Based on Eye Shape

#14 Eyebrow Shape Based on Face Shape

From Dawilda Gonzalez.

Eyebrow Shape Based on Face Shape

#15 Eyeliner Special Effects

From Angela Stone.

Eyeliner Special Effects

#16 Eyelash Oomph

From The Beauty Department.

Eyelash Oomph

#17 Eye Opening Makeup

From OnceWed.

Eye Opening Makeup

#18 Lip Liner and Lip Color Usage

From Tumblr.

Lipstick and Lip Liner Usage

#19 Cracked Face Powder Fix

From Tom’s Colour Pavilion.

Cracked Face Powder Fix

#20 Day to Night Makeup

From Gallery Hip.

Day to Night Makeup