The Best Time Of Year To Buy Anything


Whether you’re shopping online or swinging by a thrift store, looking for a cellphone or some holiday airfare, some months are always better than others when it comes to getting the best deals. There might be an abundance of stock or an upcoming holiday sale, or maybe things are just cheaper for the hell of it. No matter the reason, certain items are much less expensive depending on the time of year. This guide will help you become the best shopper you can be.

Sales Chart

January – Motorcycles, Broadway Tickets, Furniture, Carpets, Clothing, Video Games, Gift Cards

February – Coats, Broadway Tickets, Cellphones, TVs, Boats, Air Conditioners, Gas Grills

March – Chocolate, Frozen Food, Luggage, Golf Clubs

April – Cruises, Sneakers, TVs, Vacuums, Thrift Stores, Houses

May – Refrigerators, Mattresses, Office Furniture, Kitchen Appliances, Cookware

June – Houses, Thrift Stores, Digital Cameras, Vacuums, Dishware, Gym Memberships, Tools

July – Computers, Tools, Video Games, Home Decor, Furniture

August – School Supplies, Kid’s Clothing, Swimsuits, Linen, Storage Cases, Computers, Office Furniture

September – School Supplies, Lawnmowers, Bicycles, Broadway Tickets, Appliances, Cars, Wine, Holiday Airfare

October – Digital Cameras, Gas Grills, Air Conditioners, Appliances, Broadway Tickets, Jeans, Patio Furniture, Cars

November – Appliances, Candy, Plants, Electronics, Tools, Toys, Games

December – Electronics, Toys, Games, Appliances, Tools, Weddings, Golf Clubs, Pools, Televisions, Champagne


This is a great time of year to get that motorcycle you’ve been thinking about. With the cold weather and icy conditions, no one really wants to be riding around on them. That means shops will be selling them for much cheaper just to keep the product moving. It’s also not a popular month for Broadway, which means you can probably find tickets (at least to less popular shows) for a lot cheaper than usual. Furniture companies tend to release new sets during February and August, so they’ll be trying to make room in their store and selling their old furniture at a greatly discounted rate.

January 1

Of course, with the holiday season just ending, quite a few other products are cheaper as well. Carpets and flooring tend to be done in preparation for the holidays, so their price drops significantly in January. Clothing and video games are popular gifts, but after the holidays, their prices fall to keep stock moving. Gift cards are also cheaper; not from the retailers themselves, but from people selling their unwanted ones online via sites like Cardpool.

January 2


Coat season is wrapping up, and most people who needed a new coat will have already bought one by now. This is a good opportunity to pick up a replacement for next year. Broadway is still in a bit of a slump as well, so if you didn’t get those tickets last month, you’ve still got time to snag some before Valentine’s Day. On that note, cellphone companies tend to offer a lot of buy-one-get-one sales for Valentine’s, as they’re a great new gift for keeping in touch with your significant other.

February 1

With the Super Bowl season, you’ll find a great deal on TVs. This is especially true with newer models coming out in the spring. It might not be a popular time of the year to go boating, but it is a great time for boat shows. That means if you’ve had your eye on a boat, this is the time to make your move. Two other things that people aren’t looking to purchase at this time of year that you’ll find great deals on: air conditioners and gas grills.

February 2


Chocolate’s cheap! Really, any time after February 14th, you’ll see a sudden drop in chocolate costs. Those sales will still be rolling into March, though. A more surprising food that tends to be on sale is frozen products. No, it’s got nothing to do with the temperature. March is National Frozen Food Month, and as ridiculous as that may sound, frozen food companies still like to make a big deal out of it.

March 1

People tend to travel a lot in the summer and around the holidays. That’s not really the case with March, however, which is why it’s a fantastic time to pick up new luggage bags. March is also still a ways ahead of golf season. As the summer approaches, new golf club sets will be released. Thanks to those new models, last year’s models will be significantly cheaper at this time of year.



Cruises are big in the summer, but people don’t tend to think about them as much in April. Getting your tickets early means you can save a bundle on that summer cruise later in the year. The weather’s also getting nicer and people are getting outside more. Sneaker companies know this and will be pushing for their shoes to go on sale as soon as possible. The fiscal year for the Japanese ends in March, which means they’ll be unloading their older TV models as cheaply as possible. This is even better than February!

April 1

Spring cleaning is just kicking into gear, which means some excellent deals for you. Vacuum cleaners in particular are cheaper around now, with new models coming out in June. This also starts off the best time of year to go thrifting. As people clean out their old stuff, you can pick it up cheaper than ever for the next few months. This is also the most popular season to buy a house, which means the market is more competitive than ever. This is the perfect time to be a buyer.

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


Most major appliances won’t be going on sale at this time of year, but there is one gigantic exception. Refrigerators usually put out new models in May, meaning their older models will be sold at drastically reduced prices. Mattresses also tend to be cheapest during this month. Even though they sell at a consistent rate throughout the year, for whatever reason, they tend to go on larger sales in May.

May 1

Tax season has passed, which makes this the most common time of the year for home business to kick off. That also means it’s a great time to get deals on office furniture such as desks and chairs. We’re also getting into graduation season, which sees a jump in kitchen appliance and cookware sales. You don’t have to be graduating to catch a deal on these products.

May 2


We’re winding down on the best season to grab houses and go thrifting, so get at it while it’s still good. Digital cameras are also on a great discount. The new models get shown off at the January Consumer Electronics Show and are steadily released throughout the following months. The sales for older models will begin in February, but you can still expect to find great deals on them now before stores stop carrying them. Those new vacuum models are hitting the shelves finally, so the older ones will be notably cheap as well.

June 1

It’s wedding season, so everyone’s buying dishes. They’re cheaper than ever, so even if you don’t know anyone tying the knot, you can get some new dishware for yourself at a nice price. Gyms are also in a slump with everyone mostly abandoning their New Year’s resolutions. You can get a much cheaper membership now if you know how to negotiate. Father’s Day sales are also in full swing, which means cheaper tools and hardware for everyone, whether you’re a dad or not.

June 2


Both Intel and AMD are putting out new computers this month, which means you can expect some excellent sales on the older models right about now. Tools are also still cheap, so get them now in time for those summer renovation projects you’re planning. If you’re a PC gamer, now’s your time to act. Steam Summer Sales are just kicking off, and you can get some ridiculously low prices on both newer and older video games.

July 1

We’re still in wedding season, and now’s the time to go after cheap home decor. Dinnerware, table settings, and the like are all at their cheapest prices right around now. Furniture is also cheaper, since new sets will be released in August. If you’re in need of anything from sofas to tables, now is a great time to go grab them on clearance before stores fill up with newer, more expensive stuff.

July 2


Welcome to back-to-school sales. The most obvious products on sale this month are school supplies, which you can get for very low costs. Kids will also be needing new clothes, however, and the clothing companies know that. You can expect massive sales in that department throughout the next month. On the subject of clothes, swimsuit prices are at an all-time low in August as summer winds to an end and stores have to clear out their stock.

August 1

College students will also be heading back to school, so you can expect various sales geared towards them as well. Dorm supplies are a big one, though you don’t need to be living in a dorm to take advantage of cheap linens and storage cases. Back-to-school sales also mean cheaper computers, especially with those older models that just got replaced last month. Office furniture is also cheap thanks to college kids, so don’t forget to grab that if you’re in need.

August 2


Now that school’s started, those excess school supplies in the stores will be even cheaper a few weeks into September. Stores are also getting ready to get winter gear in stock, which means they have to sell out their summer supplies quickly. Now’s the perfect time to get cheap lawnmowers; you can also expect bikes to be cheaper with riding season ending. This is also the second time of the year that Broadway hits a slump, so this is a great time to get some tickets for less than usual.

September 1

September and October are when most major appliances (sans refrigerators) start launching new models, so you can expect the older ones to be much cheaper. New cars also come out during the end of summer, so the older models will be dropping significantly in price. Harvest season is also kicking in, so stock up on wine now while it’s cheap. Finally, if you’re going to be getting plane tickets to visit loved ones over the holidays, get them early now to save yourself quite a bit later in the season.

September 2


More digital cameras were announced in September, so you can expect older models to start dropping in price around now. Gas grills and air conditioners are cheaper once again, as stores are making room for winter stock. Major appliances (minus fridges) are all rolling out new models by now, so you can still get the good deals on those older ones. Similarly, Broadway slumps are still on-going, so pick up those tickets soon.

October 1

Back-to-school sales are officially dead, but one of the last major clothing items to be bought up are jeans. By now, stores are looking to get rid of their excess stock, so jeans will be cheapest at this time of year. Outdoor season is also officially over, so patio furniture will be especially cheap, at least while they’re still in the stores. This is your best chance to grab some. Older car models are also still cheap at this time.

October 2


While the past two months have been great for appliances, November is absolutely the best month. Don’t expect to get cheaper prices on them than now, so get out there. Halloween is over, which means candy is extremely cheap. The absolute cheapest will be Halloween-themed, since grocery stores will be eager to move the product as quickly as possible. If you have anywhere to store plants until spring, such as a cellar, you can get them for much cheaper now.

November 1

Most importantly, we have holiday sales kicking off. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can expect amazing deals on electronics. Tools are also quite cheap thanks to holiday sales, which is perfect for any winter repairs your home might need. Toys and games are cheaper now as well, but still easier to find than in December.

November 2


Those holiday sales are still in full swing, so most of what applied to November applies now as well. Electronics, toys, games, appliances, and tools are all still very cheap. Winter is the least common time for weddings, which means it’s the best time to start booking venues and negotiating a more comfortable price. Golf is also way out of season, so you can expect to find cheap golf clubs once again.

December 1

While it might be the furthest thing from your mind right now, if you want to get a cheap pool in time for the summer, this is the best time to get a fantastic deal on one. Televisions will be at their cheapest until Super Bowl time, so get ahold of one of those as well. Finally, champagne is at its absolute cheapest at this time of year. This is because it’s such a popular beverage for New Year’s that companies will be selling it for less to beat out the competition.

December 2