We Bet You Wouldn’t Sleep In These Weird Beds


In a world that becomes more competitive, modern and creative by the day, most interior design companies have had to seriously innovative their products in order to attract the attention and money of new customers. But, truth be told, many of these companies end up downright crossing the line, and creating items of furniture that are just plain weird. Here’s a special selection of 18 weird beds that we bet you wouldn’t sleep in. Sweet dreams!

#1 Roller-coaster Bed

If your dreams are full of adventures and ups and downs, then this is the perfect bed for you. As you can see, you’d need a pretty spacious room if you actually wanted a weird bed like this…


#2 Jurassic Bed

If you instantly became a dinosaur fanatic after watching the new movie “Jurassic World” at the cinema, then why not invest in this weird bed inspired by a T-Rex’s mouth?! Sweet dreams…


#3 Don’t Move

It’s terrible when you’ve been moving around all night long and you wake up full of aches and pains, so here’s the solution for that. Why not try this super-weird bed model that keeps you snug as a bug in a rug in a ‘comfortable’ position until the morning?! Thanks, but no, thanks.


#4 The Nest

If you were always curious about how birds build their nests, this is the ideal bed for you, or a “love nest”, should we say. All you need is a lot of space and plenty of cushions!


#5 Sleep Standing Up

And how about this really weird, modern bed that allows you to sleep standing up?! If your room is not so big and you don’t mind sleeping like the guy below, perhaps you should try this ‘innovative new product’. Um, sorry, but we think we’ll pass on that one…


#6 Save Some Space

Here’s another good example of a bed that’s perfect for small rooms. More than just a bed for the night, this invention can also store your books, CD’s, and other items in the daytime. How wacky is that?!


#7 The Book Of Dreams

The bookworms of the world will definitely like this one! Inspired by an open book, this bed can guarantee plenty of comfortable chapters in your book of life. Just turn the page, and have a peaceful night. We love it!


#8 The Box

Okay, so this one is pretty damn awesome. It’s another odd innovation that has transformed the conventional bed into a big wooden box. So, if you want to design your bedroom a little differently, here’s the perfect bed to do just that.


#9 Hamburger Bed

Have you ever wondered what it was like to sleep in a burger?! Okay, so you probably haven’t, but now you can try it for yourself. If you can’t get enough of McDonalds and Burger King, this bed was made just for you.


#10 Cadillac Bed

Some girls can’t get enough of all things vintage, and this pink Cadillac bed was made just for them. To be honest, this is actually really cool – but we can’t help thinking about the heavy price tag attached to this work of art.


#11 Jaws

Uhhh, okay then… how crazy is this bed?! Inspired by a big white shark, this bed can guarantee some terrifying dreams. We can hear the “Jaws” music already…


#12 Rockin’ Bed

Inspired by a rocking chair, this bed will bring lots of calm and relaxing rocking sensations all through the night. Let’s just hope you’re not prone to getting motion sickness…


#13 Millennium Falcon

Here’s another perfect bed for the geeks of the world, all of whom would probably do anything to sleep for one night in this comfortable bed inspired by the space ship, “Millenium Falcon”. May the rest be with you.


#14 The Trap

If you’d love to bring some creativity and good sense of humor to your room, you should try this amazingly weird bed inspired by a bird trap. Your significant other will love this…


#15 The Knot

Here’s another really weird modern bed that was inspired by, of all things, a knot. It doesn’t look so comfortable at first glance, but who knows?! This unique bed might just bring you the best nights’ sleep of your life. We’d love to give it a try!


#16 WTF?!

Here’s another bed that was inspired by a rocking chair… and we feel nauseous just looking at it. If you’ve got a pretty strong stomach and love this kind of design, go ahead, but we think we’ll pass on this one.


#17 Periodic Table Bed

If you can’t get enough of all things science, then this bed, inspired by the periodic table of elements, is the perfect one for you. It’s also pretty handy when you’ve got some studying to do!


#18 Modern Zip

This last one on the list is pretty cool. Okay, so the white and red theme might not be to everyone’s taste, but we like the whole zipper idea. Just make sure you don’t live with a spouse who’s prone to getting angry… otherwise, you might just get a rude awakening!