Biggest Differences Between Growing Up In America Vs. The UK


If you grew up in the United States, your youth was filled with over zealous holidays, learning to drive as a teen and drinking alcohol in secret.  Meanwhile, if you grew up in the UK, you were used to massive amounts of rain, matching school uniforms and easier access to alcohol than your American friends.  Here are the 15 biggest differences between growing up in America vs. the UK.

1. Getting into college

America: applying to college is this massive, difficult process that’s thrilling and terrifying at the same time when you finally get into a good school.

UK: you applied to all schools through UCAS and were all alone to celebrate the predictable results. 


2. High school dances

America: it’s a huge deal and everybody wants to be the prom king or homecoming queen

UK: we had better things to do than go to a school dance.  Besides, local clubs would let us come party.