Billionaire Cheapskates Who Live Frugally


One would think billionaires would be living in the lap of luxury, because, let’s face it—they have money to spare!  But these billionaire cheapskates choose to live the frugal life either by saving every penny (learn how to live a little bit more frugally here) or by giving it away (awww…).

#1 Warren Buffett

The name Warren Buffett is synonymous to money, but he holds true to his simple lifestyle.  He gives enormous amounts to charity and still lives in the home he bought in Omaha, Nebraska worth $31,500, which he bought more than 50 years ago.  Buffett doesn’t have a yacht because he thinks toys are a pain in the neck and when he married his second wife, it was a short afternoon wedding at his daughter’s house.

Warren Buffett