These Bizarre Animals Manipulated On Photoshop Are Hilarious


Photoshop is one of the primary softwares to edit and manipulate images in the whole world. With its easy interface and simplicity to learn, Photoshop is making it easier by the day to play with and edit pictures. And, this revolution has introduced a lot of terrible artists, but a lot of awesome ones, too. We’ve already showed you folks some of the worst Photoshop manipulating ever published, but now, it’s time to check out some fantastic creations, all of which were produced by ordinary people who rule Photoshop behind closed doors. Here is a special selection of the most bizarre animals ever created on Photoshop. Enjoy!

#1 Elephant + Cat

We’ll start our selection with this very impressive manipulated photograph – an elephant and a cat, merged together. Can you imagine if an animal like this actually existed? It’s crazy how perfect and realistic this looks…


#2 Horse + Cockatiel

Here’s a mixture between a horse and a Cockatiel in a very realistic manipulated picture on Photoshop. It would be pretty strange to see an animal like this walking around. But, somehow, it strangely looks ‘normal’.


#3 Hippo + Crab

This one is crazy! The realism of the picture is really impressive. Can you imagine going out fishing with your family and catching a horrific creature like this? Creepy stuff…


#4 Eagle + Hyena

Wow! This mixture between a eagle and hyena would be totally weird and dangerous if they actually existed in real life. Just imagine how scared you’d be if you saw this ‘thing’ walking towards you. We’d be absolutely terrified.


#5 Baby Bird + Cat

OMG – how cute is this insane mixture between a little baby bird and a rare breed of cat?! We don’t know about you guys, but we think it’d be awesome to see this flying around. We want one as a pet!


#6 Rhino + Zebra

Do you think zebras would be on the lion’s menu if they looked just like this one below? Of course not… and perhaps the lion would lose his position as the King of the Jungle.


#7 Toad + Crab

This bizarre mixture of creature could be called ‘Toarab’ if it was real, or perhaps ‘Croad’. It’s safe to say that some people are real Photoshop experts! These two animals are already pretty bizarre, and merged together, they look even worse.


#8 Cat + Eagle

Do you think cats would be a favourite household pet if they had an eagle’s face? Somehow, we don’t think so. Nevertheless, this combination of a cat and eagle sure does look awesome.


#9 Mouflon + Fox

The mouflon is a really weird goat with big horns, and a subspecies group of the wild sheep. Can you imagine this odd animal with a fox’s body? If not, here’s your answer…


#10 Toucan + Deer

The beautiful Toucans are birds native to the Caribbean, Southern Mexico, and Central and South America. They are well-known for their huge, colourful beak. How bizarre would it be if these amazing birds had the body of a deer? Hilarious!


#11 Squirrel + Fox

Foxes are very skittish and fast animals. We barely see them making actual contact with humans, just like squirrels. So, how about putting the two discreet species together? Crazy!


#12 Eagle + Cat

Here is another example of how weird two distinctive animals would look when combined together. Just check out this bizarre mixture of an eagle and a cat!


#13 Owl + Koala

These two lovely animals don’t have anything physical in common, but when we think about it, it seems as though their habits aren’t too different from one another. What’s more, they look totally awesome when merged together.


#14 Dog + Bull

Can you imagine owning a big dog like the one below?! Picture it – throwing sticks in the park, emptying his food into a gigantic bowl… Yep, it would definitely be hard work.


#15 Llama + Kangaroo

This mixture of creatures would definitely be interesting – it sure would be crazy to see one of these hopping all over the place. Unexpectedly, llamas and kangaroos actually look so good when combined!


#16 Owl + Wolf

Another two different species of animals that share the same habitat are owls and wolves. If this combination was real, they’d probably be the most enigmatic and mysterious animals on Earth.


#17 Bear + Crocodile

Run to the hills! Our lives would be in real danger if this freaky creature was running around all over the place. A huge bear with the face of a crocodile is our worst nightmare.


#18 Polar Bear + Dog

Despite the fact that polar bears can be very aggressive at times, a mixture between this beautiful animal and a dog would be pretty adorable. We don’t know about you folks, but we think taking a ride on the back of one of these would be incredible.