These Bizarre Animals Manipulated On Photoshop Are Hilarious


Photoshop is one of the primary softwares to edit and manipulate images in the whole world. With its easy interface and simplicity to learn, Photoshop is making it easier by the day to play with and edit pictures. And, this revolution has introduced a lot of terrible artists, but a lot of awesome ones, too. We’ve already showed you folks some of the worst Photoshop manipulating ever published, but now, it’s time to check out some fantastic creations, all of which were produced by ordinary people who rule Photoshop behind closed doors. Here is a special selection of the most bizarre animals ever created on Photoshop. Enjoy!

#1 Elephant + Cat

We’ll start our selection with this very impressive manipulated photograph – an elephant and a cat, merged together. Can you imagine if an animal like this actually existed? It’s crazy how perfect and realistic this looks…