The Most Bizarre And Shocking Pictures Of Lady Gaga & Her Weird Outfits


Okay, so when we think of Lady Gaga, we don’t just think about her amazing voice and number 1 music singles… it’s pretty obvious that the first thing to pop into our minds is that she’s pretty crazy. Maybe not psychologically, but her outfits say otherwise. Most of the time, whether it’s at an important event or in one of her wacky music video, Gaga does whatever she can to set a new record of the most bizarre outfit ever worn by anyone. And the fact is, she’s definitely done a good job, because whenever we see her looking slightly normal, it comes as a shock! Here’s an amazing selection of the 30 most bizarre and shocking pictures of Lady Gaga wearing some of her most weird outfits. Enjoy!


#1 Crack Us A Smile, Gaga


#2 Bird’s Nest