Bizarre Tattoos That Are Nothing But Complete Failures


Unlike 50 years ago, it’s becoming more and more common for people to get tattoos on their bodies in order to express themselves, their feelings, and their interests. This can be done in a wide range of drawings, designs and styles, but one thing’s for sure: tattoos should be taken seriously. After all, they’ll stay on your skin forever! Therefore, it’s very important that you plan the art well, and look for an experienced tattooist with a good reputation. Not only should they follow the design you want, but they should also follow all the necessary health and hygiene procedures. If you think this advice we’re giving you doesn’t make any sense, just check out these 30 bizarre examples of totally ridiculous tattoos that are nothing but complete failures. These people should think about getting a cover up right now.

#1 The Bizarre Panther


#2 His Reaction At The Above Tattoo