The Most Bizzare And Weird Things Ever Put Up For Auction On eBay


eBay is an online shopping and auction website where people and businesses from all over the world can buy and sell a variety of goods and services. Because of this, it’s pretty obvious that there’s gonna be a few weirdos out there who think they can sell anything and everything they want, literally. Here is a hilarious selection of some of the most bizarre and weird things ever auctioned on eBay. Enjoy!

#1 Air From A Kanye West Show

We all know that Kanye West is a little bit self-obsessed, but we didn’t know that his fans are too. How can someone think the air from a Kanye West show is actually worth anything?! It’s a crazy world we live in.


#2 Autographed Air Guitar

An air guitar is something that only exists in our fertile imagination, but this guy took his crazy thinking to a whole new level. Would you spend $15 on this guitar? We hate to admit it, but we’re pretty sure we would… Who can resist?!


#3 Beyblades

As we can see in the hilarious picture below, these poor brothers destroyed the bathtub, and now their Mom is ‘spontaneously’ selling their 8 favorite Beyblades on eBay. They look so happy about the situation!


#4 Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese

Someone has found some kind of bread miracle by noticing the face of the Virgin Mary on his grilled cheese sandwich, and has now decided that he wants to sell it for a crazy amount. Odd, odd people.


#5 Sarah Palin Signed Autograph XBOX 360

It could be an autograph from the Mario Bros or Donkey Kong, but this dude wanted to do something a little different, and get Sarah Palin to sign it. Afterwards, he figured he could easily sell it for more than a million dollars. Um, thanks, but no thanks.


#6 Haunted Old Doll

If you’re looking for soemthing to break the routine of your home, now is your chance. Why not shake things up a little by purchasing a haunted old doll?! As we can see, the seller wants it gone “ASAP” – he’s definitely not having fun any more.


#7 A Real Ghost Trapped In A Box

Here’s another rare and incredible item to bring a little bit of adventure to your boring house, and for less than $40 dollars. All you need to do is open the box, and let the party begin. Ready for some scary moments with your family?!


#8 One Dollar Bill

How much is a one dollar bill worth, anyway? Well, it’s not so difficult to answer. If nobody places a higher bid, it’ll just be worth 99 cents. This guy seriously needs to get out more…


#9 Christopher Columbus’ False Teeth

Why would anyone want a set of false teeth that belonged to Christopher Columbus?! Well, at least this weird seller only wants 99 cents for them. What an awesome fashion item… *cough*. 18WeirdestThingsAuctionedOnEbay9

#10 Half-Eaten Bag Of Maple Nut Goodies

We don’t know why someone would ever need a bag of maple nut goodies, especially when they’re half-eaten. Well, for just one cent, you can purchase this bizarre offer… what do you guys think?




#11 Genuine Jesus Pizza

This fella can guarantee that a miracle happened on his mozzarella pizza. Out of all the places for Jesus to make a miracle happen, he figured the best place would be right in the middle of a big, greasy pizza. Okay then, J!


#12 WTF?!

We tried our very best to try and understand what this weird Photoshopped dude was actually trying to sell in this eBay auction, but we had no success. Next!


#13 Plaster Mold Of Luciano Pavarotti’s Leg

According to Wikipedia: “Luciano Pavarotti was an Italian operatic tenor who also crossed over into popular music, eventually becoming one of the most commercially successful tenors of all time”. And if, for some reason, you decide you wish to purchase a creepy plaster mold of his leg for just one cent, the opportunity is all yours!


#14 Kim Kardashian Apparel Pink Onesie

We don’t know if this item is original or not, or if this actually belonged to Kim Kardashian, but that doesn’t matter. The question is, why would anyone want to buy something so bizarre?!


#15 Used Toilet

Here’s another fella who has taken his craziness to a whole new level. He wants to sell a toilet that was used by J.D. Salinger for one million dollars… but who in their right mind would even think about purchasing such a thing?!


#16 A Baby

This very careless mommy is selling nothing more and nothing less than her ‘nearly new’ male baby that can be used in a baby carrier or stroller. We’re pretty sure this is a joke… if it isn’t, we’d be very worried!


#17 E.T. Head

For those of you who might be looking for a big & creepy E.T. head to put at the front of your bike to try and re-create the famous scene from the movie, now is your chance, and for less than $10!


#18 Mummified Cat Slam Dunking A Mummified Bird

This one is perfect for all the cat lovers all around the globe. How about a mummified cat slam dunking a mummified bird?! Yeah, we know, this is awesome! And guess what?! All this eccentricity for only $550!