These Black Friday Pictures & Videos Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity


Each and every year, thousands of people crowd in front of the most popular stores in the USA and Europe to make the most of the best “Black Friday” deals they can get their hands on. And each year that goes by sees it getting even harder to enjoy the offers without encountering a problem or two. Waiting for long hours in queues, getting squeezed so hard in the crowd that you just might explode, running around like a wild animal once you finally get inside the store, and even fighting with other people who want the same thing as you do. But, before we show you the most hilarious pictures and videos of Black Friday 2014, we’ll tell you a little more about the origin of this crazy day.

There are lots of stories, but the most commonly cited one is related to ink, paper, and accounting. All retailers traditionally operate at a financial loss for the majority of the year (January through November) and make their profit during the holiday season, beginning on the day after Thanksgiving. When this was recorded in financial records in the past, typical practices would use red ink to symbolize negative amounts (‘in the red’) and black ink to show positive amounts. Black Friday, under this theory, is the start of the period in which retailers would go from having losses to taking in substantial amounts of profit. You learn something new every day, right? Here are the 15 most bizarre and crazy moments of this year’s Black Friday. Enjoy!


#1 The Long Wait

Black Friday sometimes starts on Thursday for some of the craziest people looking for good deals, because they camp outside the stores, in their thrill for seeking discounts. A few hours before Black Friday starts, the scenario is a little something like this…