BoredBug’s Ultimate Guide To Losing Weight

Let me give it to you straight: losing weight (and keeping it off) isn’t a walk in the park (though it’d be a good start!). Before we rush into things, we need to understand the barriers to losing weight and how to counteract them so we can start off on the right foot.



You’ve got that friend who, despite devouring a whole pizza and a tub of ice cream, is still effortlessly skinny! On the other hand, you’ve sworn off cake, visited the gym a few times, and recruited a workout buddy (who’s probably less motivated than you). So why can’t you achieve your ideal weight? Is it really all genetics?

Truth be told, that’s part of the answer.

While every body is different, there are three major body types that are predetermined by your genetics: The Ectomorph, The Endomorph, and The Mesomorph. The Ectomorph has a thin build and bone structure and naturally tends to be on the skinny side. The Endomorph is the opposite, with a thick build and bone structure, naturally tending to be heavier and with more body fat. The Mesomorph is between these two, standing in the middle of the spectrum. These categories are only one demonstration of how genetics plays a part in your susceptibility to weight loss – or lack thereof. However, while genetics can make it harder or easier for you to cut pounds, it doesn’t determine your weight; that’s up to you.