The Breastfeeding Mom’s Style Guide


Nursing is a lovely way to bond with your baby…but it does come with some new guidelines for style and fashion. Welcome to the nursing mom’s club, sister. Here are 10 rules to get you out of the frump.

1. Always wear something allows for a boob to be extricated quickly and easily.

Easy access is key here. No complicated racer-back tanks, no super-tight shirts that are hard to pull up and, for your own sanity, try to avoid wearing tons of layers.


Your boobs are so huge right now that anything that showed off a little bit of cleavage before will have you looking like you got breast implants…twice.


Nursing tanks exist so that when your sweet baby is screaming her little head off, you can easily whip out a breast without breaking a sweat or getting a migraine.


Why would you wear something that forces you to take it completely off just for feeding time? It’s annoying if you’re at home and embarrassing if you’re in public (trust me). This rule applies to all dresses except for the ones with soft and stretchy fabric. Not only do those feel oh-so-sweet against your skin, they’re also relatively easy to use while nursing.


See rule #4.


Honestly, I really don’t care what you decide to do when you nurse. Whip that breast out and let baby latch on. Cover, no cover. Who cares, really? I’m now at the point where my baby pulls a cover off because she hates it so I’m all about letting it all hang out. And to people who are “oh so offended,” I just tell them that at least this is better than some bikinis.


Those cute work shirts with a collar and buttons all the way up? Yeah, we love them too, but unless you have quick and nimble fingers, I would stay away from these for the time being. It is nice to nurse discreetly in one but it sucks when your baby is screaming and you can’t un-button fast enough!


If you wear a nursing tank under a cardigan, you can nurse you baby with nobody the wiser.


We love that glitter/sequin covered party top just as much as you do, but you won’t love it so much after it leaves little scratches on your baby’s cheeks.


for covering baby vomit, wrapping baby when your forget a wrap and covering the boobs when feeding (if that’s your thing).


11. Wear pants, jeans, or a skirts that sits high

Try yoga pants or something with a fold down to cover your tummy and a loose top in the first few months.


12. As the feeds became less frequent, start wearing strapless dresses or shirt front dresses/tops

Loose tops are easiest for public feeding particularly when the baby likes to hop off for a look around every now and then (around 4 months on).


13. Do not even try wearing necklaces or bracelets as it is quite difficult

It’s hard to juggle another thing other than the baby and your boobs! I always wear earrings instead of other pieces.


14. As far as bras go…do what works best for you

If you are the kind of person who just needs to wear a bra so you can sleep at night (who are you?)…do it.  If you like wearing a sports bra to keep your girls in check…do it.  Just do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.  I will put in a plug for nursing bras though– those things are comfy!


15. Find a piece you love—and rock it.

Like a comfy, oversized, yet still stylish t-shirt, a big sweater, a chambray top or anything soft and lightweight will do the trick. Just because you’re breastfeeding doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy. Go on—find your mom style!               nurse1