These Brilliant And Creative Hacks Will Make Your Home Fabulous


Everyone wants to live in a beautiful home, like the ones we see in the interior design magazines. We all want to live in a house that’s full of comfort, creative furniture, and incredible architecture. However, it’s not always easy to choose well and make enough money to keep updating our living spaces in accordance with new interior design trends. Luckily, there are some awesome tips and tricks out there that can make this process much easier, and they actually only involve some minor changes within the home that won’t break the bank. Here is a special selection of 18 brilliant and creative hacks that will make your home fabulous. Enjoy!

#1 The Perfect Reading Area

A simple and comfortable bench right next to the window is perfect for those who like reading, especially because of the natural light and ‘different’ space within the house.


#2 Mini Cupboards For Spices & Condiments

We all want to have a creative kitchen like the ones in the interior design magazines, right?! Well, below shows us a fantastic way to store any food, spices and condiments in a very creative way indeed.


#3 Closet Between Garage & Home

The worst part of shopping, believe it or not, isn’t the pricey bill. In fact, the most annoying part of grocery shopping is getting the bags inside the house. That’s exactly why this simple and creative solution below is genius! Why don’t all houses have this?!


#4 Door For Babies & Toddlers

This looks exactly like a ‘secret passage’ for babies and toddlers, and it’s actually a pretty awesome idea for those times when your children are crawling everywhere in sight.


#5 Space For Plug Sockets & Light Switches

Not all kitchens are prepared for the amount of plug sockets we need nowadays in this technological world, but simple solutions like the one below will make your kitchen awesome and unique.


#6 The Coffee Lover Cupboard

If you’re a coffee lover, then we know for a fact that you’d love to have this in your kitchen. Why not design a cupboard especially for your Nespresso machine with mugs and flasks? Yes, please!


#7 Fold-Away Children’s Beds

Children’s bedrooms tend to be total messes most of the time, especially when you have two sleeping in the same room. So, when it’s time to clean up and create some space, these fold-away beds will definitely come in handy.


#8 Perfect Area For Books & Magazines

Corridors usually tend to be pretty basic and lifeless places within the house, where you’ll probably only hang a few pictures on the wall and that will be that. But how about doing things differently and using your corridor as a place to store your books and magazines? Genius!


#9 Stunning Outdoor Chandelier

It’s not only Sia who loves a chandelier… in fact, you’d probably love to have a luxurious chandelier hanging somewhere in your home, right? Well, the good news is that you can also hang a beautiful chandelier on your porch outside, giving the front of your house a perfect glow.


#10 Cleaning Cupboard

It’s always difficult finding a place in the house to store all the cleaning products, which is exactly why a cupboard like the one below would be a perfect solution. A simple idea like this can change everything!


#11 The Perfect Invention For Small Kids

If you have a small child at home, you’ve probably seen them struggle to reach the sink and brush their teeth a fair few times. Well, all you need for this problem is a smart and efficient solution like the one below. Voilà!


#12 Outdoor Shower

We all know that summer is the best season of the year, but we also know that it can become unbearably hot now and again during this time. A refreshing outdoor shower like the one below would be the perfect solution for this problem.


#13 Kitchen Drawer/Hidden Plug Sockets

If you have furniture everywhere that covers the plug sockets, or if you simply don’t like them being on display, then why not install one inside one of your kitchen drawers? It’s a great way to hide electronic clutter and make your home much neater in the process.


#14 Modern Mailbox

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t all have to have exactly the same mailbox outside our front doors. In fact, it’s just a matter of using our creativity in order to be unique. A mailbox like the one below would be awesome.


#15 Unisex Bathroom Sign For The Home

Sometimes a simple sign makes a huge difference. Why not purchase a simple unisex bathroom sign to make your visitor’s trip to the bathroom a little easier? Not only this, but the sign does look great, too!


#16 Perfect Waste Dispenser

This is a fantastic invention for the kitchen – it’s a drawer with a chopping board inside, complete with a hole to dispose waste into the trash can below. So, while you’re chopping vegetables and preparing dinner, you can clean up after yourself in 1,2,3!


#17 Cute Children’s Changing Area

How about re-decorating that spare bathroom or bedroom that you never use into a pleasant and adorable children’s changing area? It’s a great way to keep outdoor coats, dirty shoes, scarves and hats out of the way, and keep your home nice and organized.


#18 Fold-Away Stools

Finding enough space is always a problem in almost every house, which is why some minor practical and creative changes within the home can work wonders. Check out these fold away stools, as a good example.