The Brutally Honest and Hilarious Drawings Of Chaz Hutton


For London-based designer and illustrator Chaz Hutton, adulthood is grossly overrated. In his depressingly funny and all too real illustrations, Hutton shows us the common annoyances and frustrations in life, like paying the bills, hangovers and underachievement. It’s good to know we’re not alone in this one.

We all know we don’t really have a choice but to man up to the responsibilities of adulthood, so why not we take a break from it all for a while and have a look at these brutally honest and funny graphs by Chaz Hutton that depict the perils of growing up. Enjoy!

1. Accidental Artist

Accidental Artist

2. All day, err’day.

All day, err’day.

3. And the working week never-ending.

And the working week never-ending.

4. Battery Life

Battery Life