Camelot Continued: The New Generation of Kennedys


Britain may have Prince William, Princess Kate and the adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte, but America has the Kennedy Family.




They are our version of American royalty. Like most royal families, there is a political dynasty attached to their name, as well as their fair share of tragedy and family drama. Meet the new crop of Kennedy kids that are sure to bring the Kennedy name back into the spotlight.

#1 Jack Schlossberg




Jack is the youngest son of, Caroline Kennedy and the only grandson of JFK and Jackie Onassis. The twenty-three year-old was the valedictorian of his elite college prep school, Collegiate School in New York City. He graduated from Yale University  in 2015 with a degree in Japanese History. Following his family’s legacy, he is becoming increasingly active in politics, recently writing an essay in Time magazine regarding the Syrian refugee crisis.