Can You Guess How These Bizarre Car Accidents Happened? We Can’t!


Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, right?! It’s a very old quote, but still very true. However, some car accidents that take place doesn’t seem to have any logical explanation whatsoever. We’re going to show you 18 bizarre auto accidents, all of which will make you ask the same questions: “How did this happen?”, “How did that car get there?”, and the most common – “What were they thinking?!”. Truth be told, they all probably have very long stories attached to them. Just take it from us, kids… drive safely and make sure you have auto insurance.

#1 The Suicidal Car

We can’t think of any logical explanation as to how this bizarre car accident took place. All we can come up with is that this car probably jumped out of a tall building and committed suicide. What do you guys think?!