Can You Guess The Germiest Things In Your House?


Our homes are filled with a whole bunch of unexpectedly germ-filled items.  Can you guess the germiest things in your house?

1. Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is germier than your bathroom.  Bacteria from food particles collect here and tend to stay put, even with intense cleaning.  If in doubt, always clean  the kitchen sink again.

kitchen sink

2. Cellphone

Stop taking your cellphone into the bathroom with you!  Phones tested for germs had a whole lot of fecal matter all over them.  Ew!! Can you say gross!!


3. Kitchen countertops

Countertops collect bacteria like crazy too, so be sure to clean your counters frequently.


4. Cutting board

This one shouldn’t be a surprise– germs from foods cut on the cutting board can stay put in the grooves for a long time, especially on plastic cutting boards.  You should have separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables and should wash and sanitize cutting boards frequently.


5. Stove knobs

Bacteria, mold, and yeast all made their way onto these knobs that you probably touch during cooking but don’t wash quite enough. Wash them in warm soapy water once a week to protect from germs.


6. Pet toys

Yep, since these guys hang out in your dog’s mouth all day, they’re pretty germy.  They can even have traces of staph bacteria.  So wash them with soap and water at least weekly.

dog toys

7. Dish sponges and rags

These are the most bacteria filled items in your entire house.  Be sure to replace sponges frequently and wash rags every few days, if possible.  Those wet things that are used to clean dishes and sinks are a breeding ground for mold and germs.  Clean them often!


8. Pet food bowls

Your pet eats out of this, but how frequently do you wash it?  People wash their own bowls after every use, but dog bowls are often forgotten.  Be sure to rinse and wash once a week, at the very least.


9. Faucet handles

Since this is what you reach for when you want to wash your hands, these handles tend to get really grimy.  Wash them often with a sanitizing solution.


10. Toothbrush holder

The toothbrush’s proximity to the toilet makes it prone to airborne fecal matter germs.  You may wash and replace your toothbrush, but be sure to wipe your toothbrush holder with an antibacterial wipe.

toothbrush holder

11. Makeup brushes

These little guys get caked in makeup daily.  You wash your face each day– but are you washing out your makeup brushes ever?  You don’t even want to know about all the germs that hide in them.  Make sure to rinse and wash brushes at least once a month.


12. Coffee maker

This is another sweet spot for breeding bacteria.  It’s cold, dark, and doesn’t get opened up and cleansed often.  Run vinegar through every once in a while to clean it thoroughly.

coffee maker

13. Pillows and sheets

Two words for you: dust mites.  All the dead skin, dander, fluff, and dust that you shed gets all over pillows and sheets.  Wash them once a week!


14. Bath mat

It’s where you step each time you get in and out of the shower.  It’s also a perpetually dirty spot in your home since it’s always soaking up water.  Throw it in the washer every few months to keep it clean.

bath mat

15. Laundry basket

Dirty clothes go in here almost daily…but do you ever think about how dirty it is?  Your dirty clothes spread their germs all over this basket…and then it never gets cleaned.  Gross.  Be sure to wipe it down each month.

laundry basket