Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid To Go Makeup Free


Lately it seems as if all the celebs are doing it– posting a bare-faced photo on their social media accounts.  We aren’t sure if they’re out to prove something about natural beauty or they aren’t ashamed of what a woman’s face really looks like..but either way, it’s a breath of fresh air for all of us!  Way to go, ladies!  Here are 20 celebrities who aren’t afraid to go makeup free.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor proves that she really did wake up like this in a selfie with her cat.  We’re loving her honesty and her pretty face.


2. Candace Cameron Bure

The Dancing with the Stars competitor and former Full House actress may be getting older…but we think she’s aging pretty well!  Candace still looks flawless without makeup and that makes her beautiful too.