Celebrities Battling Mental Disorders


It’s not just us mere mortals that suffer from OCD, anxiety or other forms of depression. Celebrities do too! (Which is why several celebrities have their psychologists on speed dial.) These mental health issues stem from various reasons, including relationship breakdowns, traumatic upbringing to general feelings of underachievement.

Check out these celebrities who suffer from a variety of mental disorders.

Charlie Sheen




In addition to his diagnosis as HIV positive, Charlie Sheen has dealt with bouts of mania and bipolar disorder. The actor appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss his current mental health and admitted to self-medicating with alcohol and other forms of substance abuse. The actor has tried several treatments including mood stabilizers for bipolar disorder, bipolar treatment centers and hiv treatment programs.

Jessica Alba




She may be incredibly good looking and a Hollywood star, but Jessica Alba has her own issues. She has admitted to suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) since she was a child. Yet she has harnessed this and used it to drive her to succeed. Given her long term struggle with OCD, she has been an advocate mental health services.

Mel Gibson




Mel Gibson has constantly fought against extreme mania and deep depressions, which have got him into a number of famous disagreements and had an adverse affect on his career in recent years. In 2010, Gibson can be heard on tape threatening to kill his girl friend Oksana Grigorieva. Psychologists attribute this and his other unbelievable outbursts to bipolar mania signs. While the producer of The Passion Of The Christ has dealt with bipolar disorder, he also admitted to having an alcohol addiction. Gibson enrolled in Promises, the drug rehab in Malibu.

Olivia Munn




Another Hollywood stunner. Olivia Munn admitted to suffering from Trichotillomania, or the desire to pluck her eyebrows out when under stress. The actress is a big supporter of trichotillomania treatment centers. It’s not just you and eye who goes a little bit crazy when the pressure is on!

Kurt Cobain




In 1994, alternative rock icon Kurt Cobain joined the so-called 27 club — an unfortunate group of singers and musicians such as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, to name a few, who all died at 27 years of age. Cobain’s death left many asking why? Did depression drive him to suicide? Why would someone check out at the height of professional success? Would mental health counselling have prevented this tragedy? Though we may never have all the answers, for Beverly Cobain — the singer’s cousin and a registered nurse with a background in mental health work — sought to turn her family tragedy into an opportunity to reach youths contemplating suicide and open the best mental health treatment centers through her work.

Michael Jackson




This isn’t exactly a surprise to anyone. Michael Jackson suffered from a range of mental issues throughout his life, which eventually culminated in his death following an overdose of addictive pain killers. Overdose drug treatments were not administered in time. The famous singer was in and out of several mental health treatment centers. One wonders whether he was ever truly happy…

Craig Ferguson




Craig Ferguson’s late-night wit and shenanigans are a must-see for many, and Ferguson occasionally pokes fun at his stint with alcoholism. Ferguson overcame his alcohol addiction through his enrollment at alcohol addiction centers. He’s been sober for the past 18 years and has talked publicly about his embarrassing and emotional experiences dealing with his alcohol addiction.

Britney Spears




Britney Spears grew up in the public eye, and this has certainly taken its toll on her mental health. She had a public mental breakdown in 2008 which eventually led to her losing the custody of her children to Kevin Federline. Although she sought treatment at a nervous breakdown treatment center, their marriage deteriorated. Eventually, Spears hired Laura Wasser, the best divorce attorney in Hollywood. Maybe being famous isn’t all roses…

Cameron Diaz




It’s clear she does what she wants, so it’s no surprise that Cameron has some interesting habits as a result of OCD. As stubborn as she is beautiful, the actress refuses to enroll in an OCD treatment center. If you happen to bump in to her, don’t be surprised to see her opening door with her elbows and rubbing doorknobs multiple times.

Whoopi Goldberg




Despite having to travel all over the world starring in films and fulfilling interview obligations, Whoopi has a huge fear of flying. Usually, this can be controlled by medication and non prescription sleeping pills, but this has not sufficed for the Sister Act star. She has even been on a “Fear of Flying” course in a bit to rid herself of the phobia.

David Beckham




David Beckham was bound to have some kind of issues to maintain his image. He’s a sufferer of Diogenes syndrome or the phobia of untidiness, which is related to obsessive compulsive disorder. All his clothes are arranged neatly in order of color. However, obsessive compulsive disorder treatments have not helped this uber football star. Let’s hope his kids have never set foot in his bedroom!

Catherine Zeta Jones




Catherine Zeta Jones has had a famous battle against her demons and recently revealed she has been suffering from bipolar 2 disorder, a less severe form of the mental health issue. The actress has enrolled twice since 2011 in bipolar 2 treatment centers. Despite winning an Oscar for Chicago, it has certainly hindered the potential success she has had in her career.

Brooke Shields




Suffering from severe postpartum depression following the birth of her first child, Brooke Shields has often spoken publicly of the dangers of postpartum depression and anxiety. Shields underwent treatment of postpartum depression and was able to overcome feelings of suicide. She is now an advocate of mental health services for everyone.

Emma Thompson




Her famously happy persona hides a personal battle with depression. She has often spoken of the difficulty she often faces in getting out of bed. These were especially powerful after her divorce from her first husband. Rather than enrolling in suicidal depression treatment, the Oscar-winning actress buried herself in work and persevered to overcome her depression.

Carrie Fisher




Famous for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, Carrie has struggled with bipolar disorder and drug addiction her whole life. In fact, she blames her drug addiction to the success of the original Star Wars trilogy. Fisher eventually enrolled in several drug rehab treatment centers prior to overcoming her drug addictions. This continues the theme that many creative and artsy individuals suffer from these types of mental health issues.

Michael Phelps


michael phelps


The king of the Olympic Swimming Pool has had a lifelong struggle with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). After showing symptoms adhd in children, Phelps was diagnosed at age nine. Swimming helped him manage those symptoms, and he wasn’t half bad at it!

Charlize Theron




Charlize is another actress with OCD, which more than likely contributes to her success. Given that it’s a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder, she has not enrolled in an OCD treatment center. Are we seeing a pattern here? She is know for being kept up all night worrying whether her wardrobe is perfectly organized.

Paula Deen




Paula Deen is a woman of Southern charm and authentic, real-butter cooking. But Deen had a hard time doing away with her panic attacks and agoraphobia, a form of social anxiety disorder, she said in an interview on the Larry King Live television show. Deen said her attacks began after her father’s death, and continued for nearly 20 years. She has sought social anxiety disorder help for years and enrolled in agoraphobia treatment centers.

Elton John




Music star Elton John discussed his uphill battle with substance abuse and bulimia on Larry King Live in 2002. The musician sought treatment in bulimia nervosa treatment centers and drug rehab in the UK. Bulimia is an eating disorder in which people binge, or uncontrollably consume large amounts of food, and then expel the food by vomiting or using laxatives because they don’t want to gain weight.

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