Celebrities Caught Taking Selfies


Most of them do it to appease their fans…but there are some celebrities who have been caught taking a photo of themselves.  I mean, we all do it, so now it feels like it’s cool because celebrities do it too!  Here are celebrities caught taking selfies.

1. Nicole Richie

Nicole smiles big as she poses with a fan.


2. Kim Kardashian

I mean, no selfie list would ever be complete if Kim Kardashian wasn’t a part of it.  She is literally the queen of Selfie-land.


3. Angelina Jolie

Angelina takes a photo of herself for a fan while signing autographs.


4. The Epic Oscars 2014 Ultimate Selfie

Ellen Degeneres invited all the celebrities who were close by the front of the stage to lean in a for a selfie.  This is a different angle of the famous photo.


5. Sarah Jessica Parker

Police and body guards patiently wait while Sarah Jessica Parker takes a selfie.


6. Megan Fox

Megan Fox does her best duck lips for a selfie with a group of fans.

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" - Red Carpet

7. David Beckham

The soccer and fashion star poses with fans at an event.


8. Jennifer Aniston

Jen takes a moment to take a selfie while standing on a stage.


9. Jay-Z

The rapper is caught in the act of taking a selfie…maybe he’s going to send it to wifey Beyonce to tell her how much he misses her?


10. Jessica Alba

We are loving this cheesy-faced selfie of Jessica Alba.  Way to go, girl!


11. Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star pauses for a moment to take a photo with a fan.


12. Meryl Streep and Hilary Clinton

Yes, even celebrities like to take selfies with other celebrities.  We’re loving the smiles on both their faces in this one.

2012 Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner

13. Arianna Grande

Arianna takes a moment during a concert to take a selfie with the phone of a fan.


14. Jared Leto

Jared Leto pulls a funny face while posing for a selfie with some fans.


15. Emma Stone

Emma Stone takes a photo of herself with fans at a red carpet event.


16. Queen of England

A teenage boy jumps in front of the Queen of England to take a quick selfie.  We’re impressed…but her guard doesn’t look very thrilled.

Queen Elizabeth II And Duke Of Edinburgh Visit Northern Ireland

17. Robert Pattinson

The Twilight actor takes a moment to take a photo with a fan.


18. Justin Bieber

Even the Biebs is kind enough to take a minute to take a selfie with some fans.


19. John Legend

John Legend poses with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, for a quick selfie together.

Celebrity Fight Night In Italy Benefitting The Andrea Bocelli Foundation And The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

20. Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter actor takes a selfie with a group of adoring female fans.


21. Pope Francis

Even the Pope is cool enough to pause for a selfie.


22. Sasha and Malia Obama

The President’s teenage daughters take a moment for a selfie while at an event.


23. Lady Gaga, Bill Murray and David Letterman

This will go down as a selfie for the ages with this dynamic group of celebs.