Celebrities Who Have Been Friends Longer Than They’ve Been Famous


Not all friendships in Hollywood are real…there are a lot of fake ones too!  But some celebs have managed to make and keep good friendships.  Here are a few celebrities who have been friends longer than they’ve been famous.

Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake


These two stars go all the way back to their Mickey Mouse Club days. They quickly became close friends and were even technically brothers at one point when JT’s mom became Ryan Gosling’s temporary guardian until his mom could arrive from Canada.

Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg


Snoop and Diaz attended the same high school together, Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California. Rumor has it that he was Diaz’s dealer, but Snoop explains that Diaz ran in the same social circle as his cheerleader friends. He said she always had the “it” factor.

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato


These celebs started out their careers in the same spot too– as part of the kid’s gang on Barney and Friends when they were seven years old.  They’ve been close friends ever since.


Amanda Seyfried and Mae Whitman


These two red carpet BFF’s have been friends since grade school.  Whitman is best known for her roles on Arrested Development and The DUFF.  


Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio


These two buds have been friends ever since they were kids, auditioning for roles together.  Leo even yelled to Tobey across a parking lot once, asking for his number so they could hang out.

Prince William and Eddie Redmayne


Redmayne is famous for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the movie The Theory of Everything, a role which won him an Oscar award. Prince William, well he needs no explanation. These lovely British boys attended Eton College and were on the rugby team together.

Jennifer Aniston and Chaz Bono


These two went to the sam La Guardia High school together and would sometimes hang out after school.  Bono, a writer and musician, is the only child of entertaining duo Sonny and Cher.


Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian


These two grew up in the same neighborhood and with the same lifestyle, so it’s natural that they would be friends too.  They were part of the same social circle in middle school.


Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood


Wood and Culkin were both child actors at the same time, starring in the 1993 thriller “The Good Son” together. The two became fast friends, and still stay in touch to this day.

Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love


These two met when Barrymore was 19 and smoking in the bathroom.  They began to party together during Barrymore’s intense party girl stage. They’re still close today and Barrymore is even the godmother of Love’s daughter with Kurt Cobain- Frances Bean.


Taylor Lautner and Victoria Justice


These stars were childhood friends even before they were famous!  Today the tabloids frequently assume that they are dating because they spend so much time together.


Tyra Banks and Kimora Lee Simmons


These two beauties have been friends since they got their start on the catwalk and were working as models for Chanel. Banks is a godmother for Simmons’ eldest daughter.

Brad Pitt and Christina Applegate


Before anyone knew who Brad Pitt was, he was close friends with 16-year-old Christina Applegate, who was just starting to get attention for her role on “Married With Children.” According to Applegate, they remained close friends for a while and then decided to start dating when she brought him to the 1989 MTV Awards as her date. Unfortunately for Brad, Applegate left with another guy!


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck


No surprises here — we all know that Affleck and Damon are Hollywood’s tightest BFFs, and that friendship actually started back in high school when they both attended the same school in Massachusetts. Damon contacted his old buddy Affleck to help him out with a screenplay he was writing for a college course, and that very script later be “Good Will Hunting.”

Nicolas Cage and Sean Penn


Penn and Cage were friends long before becoming famous. They were both trying to make it big in Hollywood at around the same time, and got to do it together by co-starring in the 1984 drama “Racing with the Moon.”


Corey Haim and Alyssa Milano


Corey Haim was a teen idol of the ’80s, and a close friend of Alyssa Milano’s. The two dated from 1987-1990 and remained friends after breaking up.


Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson


The filmmaker and actor are constant collaborators, but you probably didn’t know they’re also old friends. They met in a playwriting class at the University of Texas at Austin. They became roommates and worked on the script for their first movie “Bottle Rocket” together. After that, Wilson has been in almost every one of Anderson’s films.

Matt Bomer and Lee Pace



Growing up in the small town of Spring, Texas, both Bomer and Pace attended the same high school. Though Bomer was older than Pace, they acted in many high school dramas together and have stayed close throughout the years.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Maya Rudolph

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This unlikely pair were classmates in grade school together and their fathers were close friends as well. Naturally, their daughters became close and the two have remained tight despite both of their skyrocketing careers. When Paltrow hosted “Saturday Night Live” , she dedicated her monologue to Rudolph.

Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 29: Actress Jessica Chastain (L) and actress Michelle Williams attend The 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards broadcast on TNT/TBS at The Shrine Auditorium on January 29, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/WireImage) 22005_008_CP_0072.JPG

Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams formed a friendship before either of them were famous. They started out as roommates when they both starred in a production of Anton Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard.”  Chastain, says they developed a close bond like sisters and are still close today.

Connie Britton and Lauren Graham


Graham revealed on television that she and Connie Britton used to be roommates, living in a house that they weren’t supposed to be in! She also disclosed that Britton would leave her dirty dishes to pile up in the sink and secretly borrow her shoes. Sounds like most roomies we know!

BJ Novak and John Krasinksi


We know these two famous faces from the beloved sitcom The Office.  Novak and Krasinksi both hail from the same town, Newton, Massachusetts  and attended high school together.

Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore


Though their future career paths vastly differ, both Jones and Gore were paired up randomly to be college roommates at Harvard University in 1965. Throughout their success in their respective careers, both men have stayed in close contact and are still friends.

Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow


These two friends started out as comedians and roommates living together in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. They shared a $900 a month apartment until Sandler moved to New York to join Saturday Night Live. Both Sandler and Apatow went on to find huge success in Hollywood and probably don’t miss sharing a crummy apartment.

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton



Before they both had sex tapes that made them famous, Hilton and Kardashian were best friends growing up. They lead similar lifestyles and ran in the same social circles. Kardashian was even Hilton’s stylist at some point.

Ali Larter and Amy Smart


The bubbly. blonde actresses first met as  models in Italy in the 1990s and became  fast  friends. They later shared an apartment together  in Los Angeles and co-starred together in the movie, Varsity Blues.  Larter was also a bridesmaid in Smart’s wedding.

Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand


Fate had a hand in picking these two women as college roommates during their freshman year at Yale University.  These two friends must have gotten along really well since they lived together several more times after graduating from college.

Stanley Tucci and Ving Rhames


Ving Rhames may owe his Hollywood success to Stanley Tucci. The two drama students were roommates while attending SUNY Purchase. Born Irving Rameses Rhames, Tucci convinced Irving to shorten his named to Ving. The rest is history!


Scarlett Johansson and Jack Antonoff

Though Johannson is married and Antonoff has been in a committed relationship with Girls creator Lena Dunham, this pair attended high school together and were also prom dates.