Celebrity Co-stars Who Hated Each Other


Sometimes, it’s hard to get along with people you don’t like…particularly if you have to be around those people constantly at work.  Even celebrities sometimes have to act one way on-screen while they may feel another way about a person off the set. Here are 15 celebrity co-stars who hated each other.

1. Naya Rivera and Lea Michele “Glee”

Rumor has it that Rivera and Michele didn’t get along on set, and that their dislike for each other led to a confrontation on the set of their Fox dramedy. Allegedly, Michele wanted Rivera off the show — and, like magic, Rivera was written out of the final two episodes of season five. The rumors escalated when it was revealed that Rivera would not be returning as a series regular in the sixth and final season of Glee.



2. Lucy Liu and Bill Murray “Charlie’s Angels”

Murray allegedly provoked Liu on the set of Charlie’s Angels by saying that she couldn’t act. Murray was replaced with Bernie Mac for the sequel… much to Liu’s delight.