These Celebrity Feet Show Us What Happens When You Wear Heels Too Often


If you’re a lover of high heels, you may want to re-think just how often you’re subjecting your toes to bodily harm and pressure.  If you didn’t think wearing high heels all the time can’t hurt your feet, check again.  Here are 15 celeb with some seriously messed up toes.  These celebrity feet show us what happens when you wear heels too often.

1. Julianne Moore’s piggies left out to play

We know wearing heels all day can be incredibly uncomfortable…but we can’t even imagine the pain Julianne Moore is experiencing.  Toes falling out of your shoes hurts….why doesn’t she stop to fix it?


2. Gwyneth Paltrow’s flat feet with long toes

Most people who are tall and thin are naturally going to have bony-looking feet.  It’s just a fact of life.  But Gwyneth’s poor piggies have been battered and bruised by a life of high-heel wearing.


3. Angelina Jolie’s knobby toes

Uh oh– it looks like Angelina might have some bunions on the way for her feet.  We know that no one has perfectly lovely feet on the beach…but hers are particularly unsightly in this unflattering photo.


4. Kate Beckinsale’s toes on the attack

It looks like Kate’s toes are going to come right through her shoes and on to eat something up.  Heels + gravity + hot day = feet sliding down in your shoes.


5. Sarah Jessica Parker’s veiny feet

Yes, her feet are full of veins.  This is what happens when you age, people


6. Britney Spears’ peeping toe

Peep toe heels are meant to show off more than one toe.  It’s supposed to be like a few.  And what’s up with that scrape on her leg?


7. Kate Moss’ scraggly toes

Every woman should at least take a moment and brush some polish over her toes if she’s going to be wearing high heel sandals.  Also– toes bunching like that?  Yeah, that’s not good.


8. Kim Kardashian’s fat feet

So, we totally get that she is pregnant.  Trust me…we get it.  What we don’t understand is why she would cram her swollen feet into tiny shoes?  Any sane pregnant woman would just opt for flats…or even better, a comfy pair of flat sandals.


9. Jennifer Aniston’s veiny feet

The veins pop out because they’re working so hard to get fresh blood to those poor toes stuck in high heels.


10. Liz Hurley’s dry feet

Hey Liz– here’s a tip– get a pedicure, girl and your feet will look lovely.


11. Katie Holmes’ bunions

Watch out Katie– those toes are going to need some serious TLC here soon.


12. Victoria Beckham’s bony toes

This girl has also got some bunion problems.  This is the result of wearing very tall heels for way too many years.



13. Lauren Conrad’s spilling out toes

Again, hot day, high heels and standing for a long time with make your toes start to creep farther and farther forward.


14. Courtney Cox’s pretty feet

Other than a little bit of dryness, I can’t find anything wrong with these feet.


15. Paris Hilton’s bunchy toes

Paris has got bony toes that are falling out of her shoes.