Celebs Who Couldn’t Move Past Their Most Well-Known Roles


We have some celebrities who played our most favorite characters on television or in movies.  And, though, these actors tried to move forward, to go on with their lives and play another part, they got stuck.  Even if they did manage to land another role, it would always be typecast as something from their past.  Here are 15 celebrities who couldn’t move past their most well-known roles.

1. Jennifer Aniston in Friends

Friends is where Jennifer Aniston essentially got her start– and what seems like her finish too.  Sure, she’s done other movies, where she’s constantly cast as the relatable romantic interest.  She’s represents every average-pretty girl out there.  Because there isn’t anything truly remarkable about her, she remains a Rachel Green forever.


2. Alfonso Ribeiro in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Ribeiro was comic genius next to Will Smith and the pair worked seamlessly together.  But, because of his iconic role as Carlton, Ribeiro had a hard time landing gigs as anything but the nerdy friend.