Charlie Davoli Creates Surreal Worlds On His iPhone


Charlie Davoli is a Salento, Italy-based based photographer who has an uncanny ability to turn his ordinary photos on his iPhone into surrealistic other-worldly scenes. Davoli uses ordinary iPhone apps such as Superimpose, Matter, Mextures, PsTouch, and iDesign to create these dream-like photo collages.

When looking at this artist’s creations, it is easy to see that visual paradoxes and optical illusions play an important role. Davoli says, “My inspiration comes from a combination of the supernatural images from the Italian artist De Chirico, my love for geometry of Bauhaus, and the pop culture of Warhol and Lichtenstein… And all with a touch of retro sci-fi. ” Check out some of his amazing work below.

1. All We Need Is A Place To LAy And Dream Till Dawn

All We Need Is A Place To LAy And Dream Till Dawn

2. Connoisseurs Of Empirical Evidence

Connoisseurs Of Empirical Evidence

3. Daydream Nation

Daydream Nation