On The Cheap: Decorating Ideas At Low Costs


You can decorate your home with just a little imagination—just check out these decorating ideas at low costs.  For even cheaper ideas, read about these Awesome Designer Decor From The Dollar Store.

#1 Hang plates on walls.

Plates that come in interesting colors create a wall of interest.  You can even combine colors, textures, and sizes.  Just attach wire plate hangers and hang the plates on picture nails.

Hang plates on walls.

#2 Group your candles.

Candles look great when they’re grouped together, especially when they’re on a spacious surface.  Take note: the bigger the surface, the bigger the candles.  You can even position four or five pillars of candles with different heights in the same color.

Group your candles.

#3 Move the wicker indoors.

Even if you get inexpensive wicker furniture, it will take on a different and lighter feel when you place them inside your home.  An extra tip: put them in a well-lit part of a room and mix with your more traditional furniture!

Move the wicker indoors.

#4 Re-purpose your furniture.

Re-purpose your rickety chair as a bedside table.  You can position a tray on the chair to hold a vase, a reading lamp, an alarm clock, and the like.

Re-purpose your furniture.

#5 Create your very own art.

Art, whether photocopied, ripped from a magazine, or created from your own hand, will look elegant when it floats between two pieces of glass.  The color of the wall will show through the glass, creating the look of a custom mat.

Create your very own art.

#6 Bring out the color.

Amp up a room with bright color.  Although you can bring in a burst of color with a rug, you can use something more subtle as well, like flowers.

Bring out the color.

#7 Tap into your natural self.

Warm up a space by using shells and other beach stuff to create a comfortable and rustic area.

Tap into your natural self.

#8 Widen a space.

If you have a tight space, widen it using a large mirror.  Prop the mirror (should be around 3/4s as tall as the wall) unto a wall.  This is a classic trick to create faux space.

Widen a space.

#9 Paint a fake headboard.

Here’s a pretty easy paint project.  Paint a fake headboard using just USD 20 and no floor space!

Paint a fake headboard.

#10 Brighten blank walls with canvases.

To brighten up blank walls, hang painted canvases.  You can even go big by filling an entire wall with it.

Brighten blank walls with canvases.

#11 Create a picture gallery.

Look through your albums for the best pictures and place them in frames with a similar theme.  Voila—an elegant but warm wall!

Create a picture gallery.

#12 Add interest with a wrapped lamp shade.

Create interest by wrapping a store bought lamp shade with interesting textures.  You can use gift wrapper or any interesting piece of cloth and glue it to the lamp shade.

Add interest with a wrapped lamp shade.

#13 Paint that mirror.

To define a space, add a mirror to create light and drama.  Just coat that mirror with paint or spray it on.

Paint that mirror.

#14 Use different colored lamp shades.

You can create a strong statement with colored lamp shades.  You can limit yourself to one color per room and even to neutral tones in white and parchment.

Use different colored lamp shades.

#15 Stack those books.

If your shelves aren’t deep or high enough to accommodate your huge books, just stack them on a flat surface like an end table or a bench.  Remember, piled books draw the eye up.

Stack those books.