Cheapskate Hacks For When We Need To Be Stingy


It may seem too stingy really, but these cheapskate hacks are a must-know for those of us who need to save more moolah.  If these billionaire cheapskates can live frugally (maybe not to this extreme), so can you!

#1 Wi-Fi

If you have neighbors who are pretty cool, ask to share the Wi-Fi and split the bill.  Make sure the router is located equidistant to the both of you!


#2 Cable TV

“Threatening” to leave your Cable TV company con force them to offer you an exclusive discounted rate.  It doesn’t hurt to try!

Cable TV

#3 Retailer Gift Cards

You can purchase retailer gift cards online at a much more affordable rate than their loaded value.  You can check out the company’s website or even specialty gift card outlets.

Retailer Gift Cards

#4 Phone Calls

Use Google Voice to call people for free on your computer.  But really, who doesn’t have Skype?

Phone Calls

#5 Haircuts

Go to trendy salons and offer to be a hair model for stylists in training.  Your free or cheap haircut would look tres chic!


#6 Home Repair

Check YouTube first before you call in the experts.  But know when to ask for help, especially when it’s an emergency!

Home Repair

#7 Freebies and Steals

Join “For Sale” Facebook groups to get steals or freebies.  Not only do they have better stuff than Craigslist, it’s much less unreliable and creepy.

Freebies and Steals

#8 Subletting

If you’re out on an extended holiday, sublet your apartment when you’re gone for some extra cash!


#9 Scents

Unwrap all of the soap bars you’ve been given for holidays or birthdays and leave them in your dresser to get an everyday fresh scent!  Make sure it’s a scent you like, of course.


#10 Work Meals

Leave some plastic food containers at work so you can take home any leftover food from birthday celebrations or treats.  People might judge you a little bit, but whatever.

Work Meals

#11 Gym

Everyone knows that gyms offer free trial gym passes for a week.  Go to different facilities each week.  Although you might feel a twinge of embarrassment for not signing up at each gym, you’re poor, so be okay with that.


#12 Coffee and Baked Goods

Bakeries and coffee shops can give out their baked goods at the end of each day.  Just don’t be too obvious at the end of the day about your lurking.

Coffee and Baked Goods

#13 Gallery Openings

Get free wine and cheese (for cheesiest of the cheese treats, click here) and even cocktail food at local gallery openings.  Also, a very classy environment to get a bit tipsy!

Gallery Openings

#14 Cleaning Products

There are a thousand and one ways to use vinegar as a cleaning tool!  Not only is it safer for you and your family, it also won’t smell—trust us!

Cleaning Products

#15 Important Note

Just remember: cutting corners here and there can help you a lot when spending on the bigger stuff.