Check Out These Incredible Places That Let Trees Keep On Growing


Trees are such wonderful things.  They clear the air, grow high and tall, bring beauty to the earth and provide us with shade, fruit, and comfort.  When building new structures, most architecture companies just tear the trees down.  But others, those with a little more creativity and perspective, keep the trees intact and find a way to build around them.  Check out these incredible places that let trees keep on growing.

1. Hole in the fence

This tree was spared an early death by creating a fence in the yard with a hole so the large branches could continue to stretch forth their fingers.


2. Tree in the kitchen

91-year-old Jia Julian has been living with a tree growing through his house for nearly 40 years. The 300-year-old locust tree grows through Jia’s kitchen and out the window.  He likes the comfort that it brings him.