These Cheeky Couples Need To Get A Room Right Now


Love, Love, Love! Love is the most beautiful thing on the planet, and believe it or not, it’s everywhere you look. At the park, on the subway, at a fancy restaurant, at the cinema… but sometimes, couples exaggerate their PDA just a little bit, making it uncomfortable for everyone around. Admit it – you know exactly what we’re talking about, and can probably name a few guilty suspects. Here’s a hilarious selection of 18 cheeky couples who need to get a room right now. Enjoy!

#1 Big Love

Okay guys, love is beautiful, and it sure can get pretty heavy sometimes. In the case below, this couple is clearly taking the whole ‘heavy’ thing literally. Just whatever you do, make sure there’s no-one around when you decide to start showing your love in public.


#2 Check This Out!

Everyone loves sunbathing and relaxing on the grass during a day at the park, but sometimes people cross the limits of what is considered ‘okay’ in public, and what is not. It’s safe to say the situation below is just a tad too much… right?!


#3 The ‘Shame On You’ Selfie

Look at this awful situation below! You’re on a night out, you head to the bathroom to use the toilet and bam! You can’t, because there’s a completely oblivious couple making out at the urinals. They really know how to do things the romantic way…


#4 Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

We can’t decide if the lovely couple below look cute and ‘in love’ rolling around on the grass, or if they just look stupid. Well, couples participating in PDA definitely invite people to judge on whether it’s beautiful or totally bizarre, so be careful, guys!


#5 Wet Kiss

We all like to kiss our other halves passionately every once in a while, but come on, guys… does it really have to be on the crowded subway?! Save it ’til you get home, because public transport ain’t exactly the perfect place for sloppy demonstrations of passion.


#6 Warm Hands

We hope the photographer eventually advised this chick to invest in a pair of gloves, rather than stuffing her paws inside her boyfriend’s underwear. It’s completely gross… and yet again, does it really have to be done so publicly?!


#7 At The Gym

The gym is the ideal place to go if you want to tone up, lose weight, or simply improve your health.. but to engage in major PDA with your other half? Not so much.


#8 Selfie!

This couple, who are sitting in the middle of class, are clearly quite desperate to take a soppy selfie of themselves kissing, and show the world just how much they love each other. What they didn’t realize, though, is that everyone knew what they were getting up to, and thought it was completely gross. We’re on your side, dude. Ew!


#9 Love Boat

Here’s another couple who can’t seem to wait until they get back to their room to get affectionate with each other. Nope, they gave in when they were on the boat, and didn’t care who was watching. Let’s hope it didn’t go any further than this!


#10 Park Life

The park is the perfect place to take your kids to play… but not in that way! These kids are ‘playing’ in completely the wrong way, and someone even managed to capture a picture of it. Get a room!


#11 Sweet Love

It’s a sunny day and everyone is around, but there’s no right or wrong when it comes to love… and things like this can happen anywhere, right? Wrong! For one, try not to do it while your kid stands there awkwardly, and two, wait until you get home. Ugh!


#12 Too Comfortable

What’s the best way to wait patiently for your beer at the bar? We’re not really sure, but it’s probably not like this. Why?!?!


#13 Embarrassing Love

This chick looks pretty scared and surprised about the seemingly oblivious couple at the next table, who are making out like there’s no tomorrow.


#14 Smile!

These two jokers got the amazing idea to have some fun with the situation taking place at the park in front of them. Yep, they posed for a picture with this ‘adorable’ couple, who are clearly none the wiser about the chaos they’ve caused.


#15 OMG.

Okay, so it’s not difficult to spot a couple sharing a passionate kiss at a live concert, but it’s pretty obvious that in this technological day and age, at least one person will document what’s going on and share it on social media. Shoulda been more careful!


#16 Please, Don’t…

Guys, the subway is definitely not the right place to show the world how much you love your girlfriend. Is it really that difficult to just wait until you get home? Just sit down, calm down, and enjoy the journey…


#17 Huge Love

Like we said, love can be huge… particularly in cases like the ones below. This couple look like they’re all hugged out and have no more energy. But come on, why did you have to use up all your energy in a weird public place like this? Get a room!


#18 Waiting With Love

It’s always awful to sit and wait for something, so it’s much better to have someone you love there to keep you company. However, the thing is, just because you’re happy to be around someone, doesn’t mean you have to act like you’re at home when there’s people around!