Cheesy Puns That Will Make You Facepalm


Who doesn’t love a good pun?  These puns will undoubtably make you laugh out loud as you read through them.  These puns aren’t painfully bad, they’r just clever.  Whether it’s food, animals or creative memes, you’re sure to at least crack a smile while reading through this list.  Puns were made to make people with really awful jokes feel better about themselves.  So, give ’em a chance!  And check these out if you’re looking for some Halloween costumes that come from bad puns.


1. Shaking it up

Good thing they know how to give a good handshake, right?

milk shake

2. Cheesy cheese grater

He’s really feeling good today.


3.  No eloping going on here

Apparently cantaloupes don’t elope.


4. Colorful sea creature

Humanity thinks this is pretty punny.


5. Banana peel cleverness

We mustache you a question.  Do you like his outfit?


6.  The woes of being a vegetarian

It really is a mistake…a complete missed opportunity.


7. Don’t make a mess in your pants

Did you want a pair of Puma pants?  Or did you need to make a trip to the bathroom?


8.  It’s all about that bass

They’re talking about the fish here, can’t you tell?


9. He’s a crafty bear

He builds all kinds of wooden furniture in his spare time.


10. Poor sad Jack-o-lantern

He’s feeling oh-so blue…errr…or orange rather.  His life is empty.  Literally.  At least he’s not one of the worst carved pumpkins ever.

jack o lantern

11.  It’s always good to get away

Everybody needs a vacation sometimes, even remote controls.


12. It’s in them jeans

Or is it genes?  There is hay in his jeans though.


13. We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday

With some sherbet! Your favorite kind–rainbow colored!


14. What time is it?

And why does this guy have a sprinkling of herbs on his wrist?


15. Cat on a roll

Also, notice the random cat drawing in the background…

cat on roll