Chick Flicks Guys Will Actually Enjoy Watching


Ladies, we know it can be tough to get your guy to want to watch a chick flick with you.  Well, we’ve got the cure-all right here!  Pick a movie from this list and your guy is sure to enjoy it as much as you do.  Here are 15 chick flicks guys will actually enjoy watching.

1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Who doesn’t like this feel-good movie?  You’ll keel over laughing at the antics of Kate Hudson and Matthew Mcconaughey while hoping that their characters figure things out and end up together.


 2. The Notebook 

Guys can appreciate Ryan Gosling’s performance and this age-old romance with the sweetest ending you’ll ever see.  Warning: your guy will probably cry at this one, just so you know.