Child Stars Who Gave Up On Hollywood To Live An Ordinary Life


Fame, fortune, the whole world at their feet, a routine of interviews, radio and TV shows… it would be a dream come true, right?! Who wouldn’t want to be a famous Hollywood movie star? Well, believe it or not, the life of a movie star isn’t actually paved with gold like people think. Being famous might be the reason for happiness, but also the reason for your problems, too. That’s exactly why many superstars give up this plastic and temporary fantasy world, in favour of living like a regular human being instead. Here is a special selection of child stars who gave up on Hollywood to live an ordinary life.

#1 Ariana Richards, Jurassic Park

YoungActorsHollywood1 YoungActorsHollywood2

#2 Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone

YoungActorsHollywood2-1 YoungActorsHollywood2-2

#3 Carrie Henn, Aliens

YoungActorsHollywood3 YoungActorsHollywood4

#4 Barret Oliver, The Never Ending Story

YoungActorsHollywood5 YoungActorsHollywood6

#5 Charlie Korsmo, Hook

YoungActorsHollywood7 YoungActorsHollywood8

#6 Jake Lloyd, Star Wars – The Phantom Menace

YoungActorsHollywood9 YoungActorsHollywood10

#7 Jonathan Ke Quan, Indiana Jones – Temple Of Doom

YoungActorsHollywood11 YoungActorsHollywood12

#8 Mara Wilson, Mrs. Doubtfire

YoungActorsHollywood13 YoungActorsHollywood14

#9 Noah Hathaway, The Never Ending Story

YoungActorsHollywood15 YoungActorsHollywood16

#10 Danny Cooksey, Terminator 2

YoungActorsHollywood17 YoungActorsHollywood18

#11 Harvey Stephens, The Omen

YoungActorsHollywood19 YoungActorsHollywood20

#12 Danny Lloyd, The Shining

YoungActorsHollywood21 YoungActorsHollywood22

#13 Michael Oliver, Problem Child

YoungActorsHollywood23 YoungActorsHollywood24

#14 Alisan Porter, Curly Sue

YoungActorsHollywood25 YoungActorsHollywood26

#15 Bradley Pierce, Jumanji


#16 Devin Ratray, Home Alone