Childhood TV Moments That Made You Cry Every Time


These may have been childhood tv shows but they sure packed a punch in the emotional department.  There were just some episodes and some moments that were pure tragedy.  Here are 15 childhood TV moments that made you cry every time.

1. When Chuckie remembers a poem his mom wrote for him before she died

Um, ok.  How can anyone read this and not want to just sob?  Chuckie’s mommy was always watching out for him.

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2. When Arnold finds a book about his parents adventures before they died

So many movies and TV shows for kids have a theme of someone losing a parent because it’s a legitimate fear that kids can relate to.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.31.26 AM

3. Homer Simpson finally reuniting with his mother after 27 years, only to watch her leave him again

Sometimes, people really suck, don’t they?

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.31.39 AM

4. That moment when Uncle Phil consoles Will because his father doesn’t love him

Um, bring on the tears.  At least he had someone to show him some love.


5. At the end of Hocus Pocus when Binx says goodbye to Thora Birch

He was so grateful to her for saving his life and setting him free.


6. When Anne-Marie and Charlie say goodbye in All Dogs Go To Heaven 

So sad.  So flipping sad.  I can still hear her little voice in my head saying, “Charlie….Chaaaarrrliee…come home Charlie.”  And this is a movie, not a show but whatever.


7. Porkchop almost being put down because he bites Beebe to save her from drowning

No, not Porkchop! It was an honest mix-up!  He just wanted to save her life!


8. Bunny, the twisted Powerpuff Girl, exploding after she saves the girls from evil

It’s always sad when a martyr dies.  Plus, now that character is gone for good.


9. Steve leaving Blue’s Clues for college and Joe taking over

This is how you know you’re growing up…when your favorite host is gone for good.


10. Mr. Feeny’s last lecture to his students in Boy Meets World 

Ok, bring on the tears.  Mr. Feeny is like a wise grandfather figure to us all.


11. That moment when you realize Kevin and Winnie don’t end up together in the last episode of The Wonder Years

Wait, that’s not supposed to happen.  WTH!


12. When the old woman in The Fox and the Hound gets all choked up when she takes Fox to the forest

She knows it’s for the best, but she still can’t help but be sad.


13. Helga’s parents ignoring her on her first day of pre-school and only paying attention to Olga

Damn Olga.  No wonder Helga ended up having so many problems down the road…


14. When Lizzie McGuire cries because her boyfriend dumped her

Sometimes you feel so uncool when you’re not good enough.  We all had a friend in Lizzie, who wasn’t the most popular girl in school.


15. Scar’s betrayal in The Lion King

Worst moment ever.  Again, we know this is a movie, but can you say tragic? Then Scar goes on to lie to Simba for the rest of his life.