Your Christmas Won’t Be Merry After Seeing The Scariest Santas In The World


It’s December, and Christmas is here once again. It’s the time of the year to eat a lot, drink a lot, laugh a lot with family and friends, and to receive lots of long-awaited gifts from Mr Santa Claus. Only thing is, this last one all depends on how we behaved all year. Were you good, or bad? We’ll let you answer that question, even though we can already guess for the majority of you. Anyway, if you were what you’d call ‘bad’, you’ll probably receive a visit from a creepy Santa instead of a loud and jolly one. We know you don’t believe us, which is exactly why us Christmas lovers have compiled together a few images of the scariest Santas you’ve ever seen in your life. So, don’t forget – you still have 3 weeks to get your act together.

All these scary and weird Santa Claus pictures reminds us a lot of an old promotional Christmas song from the band, The Killers, in which the video sees the lead singer being kidnapped by a weird Santa, who takes him into the middle of the desert. Merry Christmas!

 #1 Someone Call The Priest

The only reason this poor little baby is laughing is because she can’t turn around to come face to face with this terrifying Santa. Please somebody, call the Priest! The devil is alive, and he’s dressed as Santa.