Clothing Struggles All Women Go Through


If you’ve never had a VPL, then you haven’t really lived yet (VPL= visible panty lines).  Getting dressed is much harder than you think when you become a woman and you’ve got all these curves all over the place and clothes just don’t seem to fit right or feel right.  Ugh.  Such a pain.  Well, at least now you know you’re not alone in this.  We’re all in it together.  Here are clothing struggles all women go through.

1. When you get a cute new shirt and then put it on at home and realize just how incredibly sheer it is

Great…now I have to wear yet another layer underneath it or decide that it’s perfectly ok for the rest of the world to see a total outline of my bra.  Decisions, decisions…


2. Wearing a button-down shirt too tight and the buttons pop open

This is what they call a wardrobe malfunction.  The problem is that there is a fine line between having a button-down that fits nicely and one that is too baggy.  Just pray the button popping doesn’t happen while you’re in a work meeting.


3. Accidentally tucking your dress into your tights

As long as you catch it, you’ll be ok.  But, heaven forbid you go out and walk around like that.


4. When you wear a short dress and can’t sit down because it will hike up too high

Yeah, I’m really not in the mood to flash my underwear to the whole subway, thank you very much.


5. Trying to pull up something strapless, when it inevitably slips down

This includes but is not limited to bras, bandeaus, dresses, and tube tops.  This happens because boobs.


6. Underarm fat that appears when you wear tank tops

You might have the most toned body in the world– you’re still gonna get the gross underarm fat lines.


7. Wearing a high heel that decides to die while you’re wearing it

Having a heel break off while you’re out and about is one of the worst things in the whole world.


8. Having to add another layer to a shirt because it’s too low cut

Yay…more layers of clothing to keep me hot and sweaty all day long!


9. Putting on a shirt over your head and smearing makeup on it



10. Having to run when you’re not wearing a sports bra and feeling the girls get a little out of control

I mean, who knew they could bounce like that?


11. When you have to sit on the floor in tight jeans and you’re worried about showing off some butt crack to everyone behind you

This is when you learn that sitting in the back isn’t always a bad thing.


12. Also, when your super tight jeans are all stretched out at the end of the day

When I put them on this morning they were ridiculously tight.  Now, it’s bedtime and they’re hanging off my behind like there’s nothing even there holding them up.


13. When the underwire on your bra breaks

Because having something sharp poke you in the chest every five seconds is a pleasant feeling?  Um, no, it’s not.


14. When you hair gets stuck in a zipper

Ouch is all I’ve got to say about that.


15. Wearing something high-waisted or tight around your middle on a day that you are bloated

Yay…let’s let everyone see how incredibly UN-flat my stomach is.  Maybe they’ll even ask if I’m expecting.