Completely Simple Ways To Organize Your Home


It may seem daunting to organize your home, but if you do it in chunks of time, it doesn’t have to be!  You can actually find a way to manage it well.  Go with one room at a time and apply some tips and tricks to avoid future clutter.  Read about these simple ways to organize your home.

#1 Bedroom/Closet Out of Season Clothes

Group clothes by season to free room in your closet.  Just store the out of season clothes in a shelf area or even under your bed.

Bedroom Closet Out of Season Clothes

#2 Bedroom/Closet Shoe Rack

Design or install a shoe rack so you can easily access and manage your footwear.

Bedroom Closet Shoe Rack

#3 Bedroom/Closet Hamper

Always have a hamper ready for any of your dirty clothes.

Bedroom Closet Hamper

#4 Bedroom/Closet Small Items

Hang small clothing items such as scarves, hats, gloves, and the like, on racks so you can access and manage them very easily.

Bedroom Closet Small Items

#5 Bedroom/Closet Spring Cleaning

Always evaluate your old clothes, accessories, or shoes to make for more space.  You can even make money from these old stuff.  For more tips, check out these easy-to-follow tips for saving money.

Bedroom Closet Spring Cleaning

#6 Bathroom Shower

To guarantee that the shower is free of clutter, buy caddies where you can put in your hair and body products, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and the like.

Bathroom Shower

#7 Bathroom Accessories

To make sure your bathroom counters are clear, keep your accessories in a plastic tub or any other container.  Just place the containers under the counter when you’re not using them.

Bathroom Accessories

#8 Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

In making sure your medicine cabinets are tidy, purchase and install a magnet to make sure you keep your tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, and similar personal care products.

Bathroom Cabinet

#9 Bathroom Clearing

For anything you do not use, clear the bathroom proactively.

Housewife cleaning desk in bathroom
Housewife cleaning desk in bathroom

#10 Bathroom Cabinets

If your bathroom cabinet is getting a bit too crowded, roll your linens instead of stacking them so you can get more shelf space.

Bathroom Cabinets

#11 Kitchen Recipes

Make a recipe book using pages, cards, and papers that have your recipes.  This will be more convenient to go through rather than sprawled everywhere.


#12 Kitchen Order

Order your cabinets by lining up together your plastic containers, glasses, plates, and the like.  This will be really convenient for you.

Kitchen Order

#13 Kitchen Cabinet Order

Organize your cabinet further, particularly your pantry and food.  This includes canned goods, spices, baking ingredients, etc.

Kitchen Cabinet Order

#14 Kitchen Spice Rack

Put in a spice rack for easy access and organization.  Even label and alphabetize the head of each spice jar if you are looking down at them.

Kitchen Spice Rack

#15 Kitchen Refrigerator

Set your refrigerator door to rights by grouping them by cooking ingredients, condiments, and other food items.

Kitchen Refrigerator