Crappy 90’s Songs We All Secretly Love


You know all those songs that you pretended to hate when they came on in the car when you were with your friends…but you totally rocked out to them when you were by yourself?  Well, we actually loved those songs too and here they are, for your viewing pleasure.  Here are 15 crappy 90’s songs we all secretly love.

1. ‘Genie in a Bottle,’ by Christina Aguilara

This song was pretty sexual for a girl who was still a teenager at the time.  Tween girls would blast it on their stereos and sing along at the top of their lungs.  Christina was one of the ‘cool’ girls in music back then.  It was always a contest between who you liked best– Britney, Jessica or Christina.

2. ‘Barbie Girl,’ by Aqua

This completely obnoxious and inappropriate song was a definite favorite back in the day.  All girls who loved Barbie also love this song that objectified women and was more electronic than most from the 90’s.