Crappy 90’s Songs We All Secretly Love


You know all those songs that you pretended to hate when they came on in the car when you were with your friends…but you totally rocked out to them when you were by yourself?  Well, we actually loved those songs too and here they are, for your viewing pleasure.  Here are 15 crappy 90’s songs we all secretly love.

1. ‘Genie in a Bottle,’ by Christina Aguilara

This song was pretty sexual for a girl who was still a teenager at the time.  Tween girls would blast it on their stereos and sing along at the top of their lungs.  Christina was one of the ‘cool’ girls in music back then.  It was always a contest between who you liked best– Britney, Jessica or Christina.

2. ‘Barbie Girl,’ by Aqua

This completely obnoxious and inappropriate song was a definite favorite back in the day.  All girls who loved Barbie also love this song that objectified women and was more electronic than most from the 90’s.

3. ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee),’ by Eiffel 65

“I’m blue–Da Ba Dee, Da Ba Da….Da Ba Deeee Da Ba Da…Da Ba Dee Da Ba Da.”  Yep, you’ll have this song stuck in your head all day now.  As annoying as this song was, you had to admit, you never did change the station when this song was playing.

4. ‘How Bizarre,’ by OMC

Who is OMC?  We don’t really remember them but we do remember this 90’s classic–“how bizarre, how bizarre.”  This song will also be stuck in your head all day….sorry about that.

5. ‘Mambo Number Five,” by Lou Bega

We know you were jealous of the girls whose names were included in the lyrics of this song.  You know you always wanted a little bit of Monica in your life, a little bit of Erica by your side, a little bit of Rita is all you need, a little bit of Tina is what you see…”a little bit of Sandra in the sun, a little bit of Mary all night long, a little bit of Jessica here I am, a little bit of you makes me your man.”

6. ‘Livin’ la Vida Loca,’ by Ricky Martin

This was back in Ricky’s heyday and this song was ever girl’s jam.  We were all in love with Ricky back then (how could you not be, with those hot moves, tan skin and slick hair?).  We only hoped he was describing us in the song lyrics.  Haters beware…this song will get the ladies on their feet fast.

7. ‘Say My Name,’ by Destiny’s Child

Today’s youth will be surprised to learn that Beyonce was best known as part of a group before she became a breakout solo artist.  And her days as part of the trio Destiny’s Child were good.  This was a female empowerment song that was made for the ages.

8. ‘Baby Got Back,’ Sir Mix-A-Lot

Yes, this song was brought into the modern world by Nicki Minaj but this classic that started out with “Oh my God, Becky, look at her butt.  It is soo big.  It look like one of those rap guy’s girlfriends…”  You knew what was coming your way after that.  It’s the song that everyone knew the lyrics to, even though it was incredibly dirty.

9. ‘End of the Road,’ by Boyz II Men

Talk about a heart-wrenching song– if you don’t think so, just try listening to it over again without choking up.  It’s a heart breaker.  It can be a little over-dramatic, but we belt this out when we’re by ourselves.

10. ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),’ by The Backstreet Boys

We aren’t really sure what the Backstreet Boys are back from…since this was one of their first songs but…whatever.  It was catchy and who doesn’t love this boy band full of adorable faces?

11. ‘Truly Madly Deeply,’ by Savage Garden

Cheesy love song but if you ever watched The CW growing up, this song was part of the opening credits of some of their shows.

12. ‘I do (Cherish You),’ by 98°

The most iconic and overplayed wedding song of the decade.  We all thought Drew and Nick Lachey were incredibly hot so we never minded listening to them.

13. ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,’ by Aerosmith

Yet another cheesy love song….but the difference with this one is that it’s sung rocker-style by Steven Tyler…which automatically makes it great.

14. ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ by Deep Blue Something

This was the song that brought the old Audrey Hepburn movie back from oblivion and made everyone into “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” fans.  Does anyone know the premise of the movie?  It’s actually kind of bad and not super romantic but in this song, the singer is trying to win back his girlfriend by reminiscing over a movie they once watched together.

15. ‘All that She Wants,’ by Ace of Base

The music to this song is kind of strange…just strange enough that you’ll get it stuck in your head all day.  Also– we totally forgot that the lead singer of Ace of Base was female.  Who knew, right?