Crazy Jobs You Won’t Believe Are Real


It’s important to have a job that you love.  It’s what you and where you go everyday, sometimes spending more time at work than with your own family.  But, there are some jobs you just won’t believe actually exist.  Good or bad, here are 15 crazy jobs you won’t believe are real. It’s all in a day’s work, right?

1. Royal dishwasher

Did you know that the guy who washes dishes at Buckingham Palace makes £14,200 a year and has bragging rights as the world’s fanciest dishwasher.  We wouldn’t mind washing dishes all day if we knew royalty was eating off of them.


2. Pet food taster

Marks and Spencer don’t want any doggies chowing down on their pet food until a human has sampled the goods and given the thumbs up.


3. Water slide tester

Tommy Lynch, a First Choice employee, travels the world testing various water slides. He checks for height, speed, water quantity, and other things, but mostly he wonders what he did to deserve such a ridiculously awesome job.  We hope he doesn’t get too many wedgies from the slides!


4. Vomit collector

As you’d expect, this is the title of the person who goes around an amusement park and cleans up all the vomit.  Gross, right?


5. Laughter therapist

So, does this guy just crack jokes and make people laugh all day?  We aren’t exactly sure– but if you need some more laughing in your life, set up an appointment with a laughter therapist.


6. Worm Picker

They say the early bird catches the worm, and that’s true for worm pickers as well. Their job begins in the dead of night, just before the crack of dawn, when the world is still deep is slumber. These night crawlers work in the fields, first sprinkling chlorinated water on the earth to get the worms to the surface, then ripping the biggest, juiciest worms out of the ground in order to be put in cans and ship out to the world at large.


7. Fire scientist

This sounds like the coolest job title ever and true to the name, a fire scientist tests and learns everything they can about fire.


8. Ravenmaster

The ravens who hang out around the Tower of London are precious cargo. The claim is that if the ravens were to leave, then the Crown would fall, and soon, Britain as well. So, just realize what a hefty burden this job would be if you were to fail…


9. Dice inspector

Casinos and dice manufacturers are very serious about making sure their dice are perfect – and for good reason. Any imperfections of their dice, from tiny scratches, lopsidedness, uneven surfaces and more could lead to cheating or wrong outcomes, and these companies have been sued before when the stakes were high.


10. Island caretaker

Ok, who wouldn’t want this job…seriously?  All of your expenses are paid for, and you get to take care of beautiful Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. The downside? It only lasts six months, and it pays ridiculously well….wait, is that actually a downside?


11. Toilet tester

If you’re in New York City and looking for a job– here’s one for you!  Become a toilet tester! is looking for willing participants to write funny reviews of public restrooms. Do it well, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded… to the tune of up to $50 a day.


12. Luxury bed-tester

The month-long gig is held by a lucky lady in the U.K. She spends the hours between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. in various beds, blogging about her experience, and being paid somewhere around $1,000 a day. OK.


13. Fortune cookie writer

The job of the fortune cookie writer is to inspire, educate, and fill with hope their readers in one short message. Although the job might sound interesting at first, it quickly becomes tiresome and repetitive. Creativity is the key, and perhaps a book of inspirational quotes as well.


14. Shark tank cleaner

While getting into a tank with a shark could be considered most people’s worst nightmare, shark tank cleaners are tasked with the job on an almost daily basis. In addition to making sure the displays are spotlessly clean for the guests at the aquarium, their job is also to monitor water quality, prepare the marine animal’s food, and pose for pictures from within the shark tanks.


15. Chicken sexer

Chicken sexers actually undergo special training in order to be able to identify and separate the male hatchlings from the females. The need for this separation is that the males and females undergo different feeding programs – females will eventually need to lay eggs, while males are either culled or kept and fattened for their meat.