Crazy Jobs You Won’t Believe Are Real


It’s important to have a job that you love.  It’s what you and where you go everyday, sometimes spending more time at work than with your own family.  But, there are some jobs you just won’t believe actually exist.  Good or bad, here are 15 crazy jobs you won’t believe are real. It’s all in a day’s work, right?

1. Royal dishwasher

Did you know that the guy who washes dishes at Buckingham Palace makes £14,200 a year and has bragging rights as the world’s fanciest dishwasher.  We wouldn’t mind washing dishes all day if we knew royalty was eating off of them.


2. Pet food taster

Marks and Spencer don’t want any doggies chowing down on their pet food until a human has sampled the goods and given the thumbs up.