Crazy Pictures Proving That The World Is Full Of Idiots


It’s sad, but it’s true – wherever in the world we go, it’s guaranteed that we will come across a few idiots along the way. After all, it’s impossible for everyone on the planet to be smart, or at least, have the slightest bit of common sense… so encountering idiots is a given, really. Check out the following 25 crazy pictures that will prove to you that yes, the world is full of idiots. Let’s just hope you’re not one of them.

#1 Copying Spaghetti

Someone loves spaghetti so much that they decided to make copies of it!


#2 Female Intelligence…

Well, we think it’s funny! After all, there are many girls out there who just aren’t prepared to live outside their own fiction.


#3 Bad Joke

Time to close your eyes and pray to every possible God or higher being…


#4 Two Times Idiot

Some people are so idiotic that they can be total dumb asses twice at the same time!


#5 Please Sit Down

Seriously, if you’re in a stadium full of people, all of whom are sitting down, then why on Earth would you stand up?


#6 Employee Of The Month

Looks like someone here’s got a lotta work to do… but you didn’t win, kids – this member of staff will now be Employee of the Month because of your antics.


#7 Lazy B*stard

Why is it so difficult for people to just put things in the places they belong?


#8 The Bite

It’s true – you just can’t trust anyone these days in this big, dark, cold world. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.


#9 Noooooooooooooo!

Spoiler level = maximum.


#10 Not Today

Whoever did this is insanely evil.


#11 Love Is All We Need

When a man loves a woman…


#12 Oops!

People are always coming up with really cruel jokes to make other people look stupid. Well, less money for this hilarious joker!


#14 The Forbidden Fruit

Someone clearly just couldn’t resist taking a bite out of this forbidden fruit. Let’s just hope a person with poor vision doesn’t end up taking this home for lunch.


#15 Gentlemen Are Dead

Sorry, girls, but it looks like the whole concept of ‘a gentleman’ is dead.


#16 Nasty Revenge

Be careful when you decide to be an ass in public… ’cause it’ll come back and bite you.


#17 Welcome Home, Buddy!

We love the way our best friends mess with us.


#18 Disabled People In Action

It’s pretty clear that the driver of this car is disabled… mentally, of course.


#19 The Ghost Print

This is definitely a good prank.


#20 Nailed It!



#21 Lazy People Strike Again

Let’s face it – we’ve all done this at some point in our life.


#22 B*tch, Please!

Can you please let me fly to my destination without having to stare at your toe the whole time?


#23 Cheesy Soap

Because a cheesy shower is all we need.


#24 Try It!

We feel sorry for whoever fell for this one.


#25 She Loves Her Job

Some people just love their jobs… and she’s definitely one of them.