Crazy Russians Who Definitely Know How To Party Hard


Okay, so we all know that Russians have a reputation of being pretty weird and eccentric at times (or all the time, for that matter), and if you have any doubt about it, check out our article featuring the most bizarre Russia facts, or perhaps look at the strange pictures of Russian cemeteries. Now, the time has come to see some even crazier pictures of our friends in Russia partying hard. So, if you spend your life thinking you’re the life and soul of the party, think again – these dudes below will put you to shame. Here is a special selection of 30 Russians who definitely know how to party hard.

#1 The Summer Is Magic


#2 Thug Life

MOS02-20010903-MARIINSK, RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Businessman Nikolai Kirpichnikov gives medovukha (self made alcohole drink based on honey) to his bears (bears like this drink very much and they receive it time to time) in the yard of his house in the town of Mariinsk in Kemerovo region (eastern Siberia), Saturday, 01 September 2001. Nikolay Kirpichnikov found three bear cubs four years ago in the forest when their mother was killed by a poachers. Untill now all three bears live in his house ian iron cage.