Some Of The Most Creative & Funny Reactions To Bad Parking


Tell us something, guys. How do you react when you spot some stupid driver parking in a forbidden area?! Whether it’s in a disabled spot, or in front of your garage with the giant sign telling people not to park there, it’s always a pretty annoying situation. However, there are some super creative and funny people out there who act, rather than just watch and observe these annoying people, and they do so in a super hilarious way. Here is a special selection of the most funny and creative reactions to bad parking… you’ll definitely never make the same parking mistakes again after seeing the following pictures.

#1 Take Note…

Never park in a place reserved for disabled people, or someone will put sticky notes all over your car to remind you how stupid you are.


#2 Fire!

And this is why it’s a bad idea to park next to fire hydrants, guys.


#3 Men At Work

When you’ve only got one job, you gotta do what you gotta do.


#4 Wrapped Car

Some people will take the concept of ‘teaching someone a lesson’ to a WHOLE new level.


#5 No Parking Means No Parking

And nope, it doesn’t matter how compact your car is.


#6 What You Gonna Do Now?!

If it was you in this unfortunate situation, how would you escape?


#7 Trash Can Car

Be warned – this is what will happen if you park your car next to a bunch of huge garbage cans.


#8 Best Parking Job Ever

Whoever parked like this clearly needs an award!


#9 Patience

Patience is all you need if you park your car badly and people decide to then punish you for doing so.


#10 Rage

People obviously weren’t happy with this silly driver.


#11 Don’t Move

…And this one is the most cruel one yet, but also the most hilarious.


#12 Fire Part II

Once again, never park near a public fire hydrant, because your car will end up with no front windows.