Creative Modified Street Signs In Florence By Clet Abraham


The talented artist Clet Abraham was born in France, the exact place where he began to study art, just before decided to move to Italy, which he described as the world’s ‘capital of art’. His first stop was the capital Rome, where he worked for several years as a restorer in different ateliers, learning some different art techniques along the way. After some time in Rome, Abraham decided to move to a place in the countryside called Poppi, where he set up a small studio and began to paint again. It was at this time when he got the amazing idea to create his famous series of urban street art, and modify the street signs of Florence. His creativity and humour captured the attention of both the locals and the tourists to the area, who absolutely loved his urban masterpieces.

My art is continuously trying to challenge various institutions and stereotypes of our time. I particularly intend my sticky-man to make a temporary intrusion in people’s life to encourage them to re-think concepts of legality and justice. I want to be able to redefine and possibly discuss the frame around which our legal system rotates. As a society member, one should always question why – not just quietly accept norms and obligations imposed from above”