Creative Students And Their Awesome Quick Fix Solutions


There are no limits to creativity, especially for students who are living alone and working hard to pay their tuition fees. Very often, this miserable situation helps them to use their brain and come up with the most hilarious life hacks to make their lives easier, without spending any money. Here is a funny selection of 18 creative students and their awesome quick fix solutions. You won’t believe what these guys are capable of. Enjoy!

#1 Docking Station

If you are desperate to have a docking station in your room, but it gets harder every day to save money and pay the bills, then here’s a quick and cheap solution that’s probably perfect for you. Who would’ve known?!


#2 Cutting Your Hair Alone

Sometimes, we don’t even have enough money to buy a pen, let alone get a haircut when you need it the most. For those in urgent need of a trim, why not do it yourself and save money along the way?! Here’s a great way to do it. Ha!


#3 How To Study More

This creative, sweet-toothed student developed this awesome technique that will make you feel more motivated to study. All you need to do is place one jelly bean at the end of each paragraph that you read. Awesome, right?!


#4 Your Own Movie Theater

If you spend your days dreaming of buying your own movie theater, but you don’t even have enough money for a TV, then perhaps you should try this crazy technque. Just insert your old monitor into a box, cover your entire head with it, and enjoy!


#5 Laptop Cooler

If your old laptop is getting hotter by the day, and its useless cooler can’t do much to help the situation, you should try this, and see what happens!


#6 Toasted Sausage Roll

Some technological student with no money to their name probably invented this revolutionary toaster below. What do you guys think? We bet it’ll save you a lot of time, and a few dollars, too.


#7 Cheating On The Test, Samurai Level

So here’s a young Samurai who has no time to study, but enough time to use his imagination to think of an awesome way to cheat on the test. We think it’s probably best that you study, but if you’ve got other stuff going on, why not?! Good luck.


#8 Keeping Your Mug Safe

We all know that it’s not pleasant to share a house with 2, 3 or even 4 other irresponsible students, so if you want to at least keep your mug clean and only for you, here’s a good way to do so.


#9 Wake Up!

If you end up being late every morning because you turn your alarm clock off and miss the time to get out of bed, here’s a ‘sharp’ solution for you. Just stick pins on the snooze button, and wake up now!


#10 Cereal Box

You know those days when you wake up with the sink full of dirty dishes and you don’t have a clean bowl for your morning cereal? Well, we have the perfect lazy quick fix for you. Just cut open the milk box, pour in the cereal, and voilà!


#11 Lazy Chair

What almost all the students in the world have in common is that the majority of them are lazy and totally broke. Here’s a good example of this fact below – he doesn’t have the energy to unpack the chair, but is desperate to use the computer. D’oh!


#12 Just Relax

If you need some time to study and relax, you should learn something from the expert student in the picture below. He carries his own hammock everywhere he goes, just so he can have a pleasant time studying and relaxing simultaneously.


#13 Fake Book

We know it can be pretty boring sometimes to sit and read things we don’t like, and this student below found the perfect solution for that. He managed to create a fake book, which includes a slot in the middle for his phone. Surfing the Internet while your teacher and fellow students assume you’re studying must be pretty damn awesome.


#14 Coffee And Hot Dogs

Students have strange eating habits, firstly because they have no money, and secondly because they never have time to prepare anything nice. Because of this, coffee and hot dogs has become these folks’ favorite meal – they save time by making both together! Yum.


#15 The Garbage

And how about this quick solution to create a trash can for your room?! Grab that old, useless stool, turn it upside down, insert a bag, and voilà! A brand new trash can for your super-tidy room.


#16 Popcorn Time

Once again, when all the dishes in your house are piled up inside the sink waiting to be cleaned, but you really want to prepare some movie snacks, you can copy this smart fella below, and use your hood as a popcorn box.


#17 Blender

If you’re desperate for a new blender because your old one doesn’t work, worry no more! All you need is the old blender cup, a drill, and a dash of creativity. This will solve all your food preparation problems without spending a penny.


#18 Safe Toilet

We all know that it can be pretty difficult to share a house with a bunch of irresponsible men, especially when it comes to the whole toilet situation. So, here’s a tip that can save your life! (But not your socks).