The Most Cruel And Hilarious Office Pranks


An office is the kind of place in which everyone is doing their best to not have fun or laugh out loud, as a way to show their bosses that they’re doing nothing but working. Well, believe it or not, it doesn’t always have to be like this. Recent studies have revealed that a fun work environment is responsible for great productivity and better overall employee satisfaction. Companies like Google and Facebook know this all too well, and are investing thousands into their employee’s satisfaction and happiness. But, if you’re not lucky enough to work for one of these companies, then check out these 18 awesome prank ideas that will make the office a hilarious place to be.

#1 The Ghost In The Ceiling

Imagine this situation: you arrive at the office on a Monday morning feeling lazy and sleepy after a busy weekend having fun, and just as you sit down at your desk you look up to the ceiling and see this bizarre image. Heart attack, or what?!


#2 The Forest

Please tell us how on Earth you can use your keyboard after someone planted hundreds of tiny plants inside it… impossible, right?! Time to spend a good few hours cleaning this up.


#3 For The Man Who Never Has Enough Time

This beautiful and useful “chair” could be a special gift for your boss who never has enough time to do everything he needs to do. Can you imagine his face, strolling into the office and seeing this for the first time? Hilarious!


#4 Who Is She?!

This prank is not only hilarious, but very creative. What would you do if you saw someone sitting at your chair and using your computer? You’d feel pretty confused for a few seconds, to say the least, and the entire office would be laughing behind your back. Such an evil prank!


#5 Fake Donuts

Who can resist a lovely batch of donuts? Especially when you’re on your lunch break after a long morning at work. Imagine seeing this box in the office kitchen and getting excited, then opening it and seeing this awful prank. B*stards!


#6 Pink Toilet

This prank will take a long time to set up, but seeing your colleague’s face when he sees what his office has turned into makes it completely worth it.


#7 High Desk

Do you think your colleague has what it takes to work at a desktop that’s suspended in mid-air? Somehow, we don’t think so…


#8 Lubing The Hands

Here’s another really bad prank that will make the entire office go crazy. They’ll wash their hands with this after using the toilet, and wonder why their hands are too slippery to hold even a pen properly.


#9 I Love Chinese Food

This prank is perfect for that colleague who’s always surrounded by fast food boxes on their desk. Of course, it’s unlikely that he or she will eat this much Chinese food in one go, but it’s the thought that counts, right?


#10 Sticky Notes

And how about this car that’s covered in sticky notes?! To be honest with you guys, it doesn’t look so bad at all. The only problem is removing each note one by one after a terrible day at the office. Now that’s gotta be torture.


#11 Enjoy Your Groceries

Someone spent a lot of money at the grocery store just to carry out this exaggerated prank, but the guy looks pretty happy with the final result, as we can see below. Food fo’ life!


#12 Rat Phobia

Looks like someone at the office has a pretty terrible phobia of rats, which is why his lovely friends decided to carry out this cruel prank. Imagine how loud the poor guy screamed.


#13 Neon Cat

There’s nothing more irritating than the neon cat playing over and over in a loop, right? Especially when it’s on the computer that you actually have to work on. Looks like it’s gonna be a long day for this poor prank victim.


#14 Bieber Fan

How would you react if you arrived at the office on a Monday morning and came face to face with a million Justin Biebers? This is something close to torture.


#15 Jelly Prank

Do you really think you need to use the stapler at this moment in time? We don’t think so, unless you want to make a gigantic mess all over your desktop.


#16 Your Face Everywhere

How about this evil prank that will make someone look at nothing but their God-awful passport picture everywhere, having to remove them one by one? If you’re one of the many people who hates your passport picture with a passion, then you’d definitely hate this situation.


#17 Fake Balloons

This prank is not only simple to do, but hilarious, too. Can you imagine everyone in the office cowering away from this door, afraid to open it because of ‘all the balloons’ inside? This is total genius.


#18 The Cup Room

Someone spent a lot of time placing these plastic cups all over someone’s office, just so their poor victim would spend a lot of time picking them up. Evil!