These Cute Babies Have Barely Been Born And Are Already Geeks


We have already showed you here the 18 people who are taking their “Geek Life” to a whole new level and now, it seems like these people have decided to take things one step further. Yep – many ‘geeky’ parents across the globe are getting photographs done of their babies surrounded by merchandise from the movies they love. That’s right – these babies can’t even stand up or walk yet, and are already considered the geekiest children on the planet. Check out our selection of these 18 adorable babies who have barely been born, but are already geeks. Enjoy!

#1 Toy Story

What a beautiful scene! It’s a pure little baby sleeping inside a box, surrounded by the very best characters from Disney’s “Toy Story”. Geeky parents never leave out any details.


#2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Just look at how adorable this baby looks, dressed up as a mini Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He probably made his movie buff parents very proud of such a lovely picture.


#3 Star Wars

Here’s the favorite movie of most ‘geeks’ in the whole world – the fantastic and memorable ‘Star Wars’. And how adorable is this tiny little Princess Leah smiling? Amazing stuff.


#4 Superbaby

It’s another great success among the geeks of the planet, the incredible Superman! But this time, it’s his mini version. We love the way he’s touching his little face. So cute!


#5 The Little Jedi

Here’s another great picture designed for geeky parents who love the “Star Wars” movie series. This time, it’s a lovely little Jedi and his powerful light-saber.


#6 The Little Wonder-Woman

After the beautiful picture of the Superbaby, the time has come to check out this adorable little Wonder-Woman. We trust that she’ll keep our world safe, even if she is only a newborn baby.


#7 Harry Potter

The most infamous wizard from the cinema and literature is represented here in the picture below with this lovely and tiny version of Harry Potter. We wonder what J.K. Rowling would think of this…


#8 The Lord Of The Rings

Another great classic book and a huge success of the cinema is represented here by this adorable baby and his huge black glasses. He doesn’t know how to read, and probably won’t for another few years, but “The Lord Of The Rings” will be a part of his collection forever.


#9 Dr. Who

One of the most famous TV series with millions of fans around the world can’t be off this list, right?! So, here you have it – it’s the baby version of Dr. Who. And it’s the most adorable thing ever.


#10 Batman

The real Bruce Wayne had a very difficult childhood, but that’s definitely not the case of this little baby below. His geeky parents will always protect their little Bruce from any potential harm.


#11 Snow White

And how about this beautiful and cute Snow White below?! She looks so peaceful as she dreams in this apple-filled scene below. We bet Mommy and Daddy loved the way this picture turned out.


#12 Indiana Jones

One of the most famous scenes of the cinema is now represented by this cute little Indiana Jones. This black hat looks amazing on the baby. Great shot!


#13 Frozen

Can you find the baby?! Yep – it takes a little time to figure out where the geeky baby is in this photo, but sure enough, he’s right there, dressed as a cute little snowman.


#14 Spider Man

It’s pretty obvious that Spider-Man would be included in this list, right?! With millions of avid fans from around the world, it’s probable that some geeky parent would want a picture like this with their baby in it.


#15 Batman Returns

Here’s another cute version of the little Bruce Wayne, in the middle of some Batman comics. This was definitely the idea of a parent who loves all things superheroes…


#16 Pikachu

Well, what can we say about this adorable little Pikachu baby? The hat is amazing, and suits the beautiful boy very well. We can’t get enough of newborn baby photography!


#17 I’m Your Father

Always Star Wars! It’s definitely the favorite amongst the geeky parents around the world. And, here is the epic scene of Darth Vader looking straight at his son, ready to say the famous phrase: “Baby, I’m your father.”


#18 Game Maniac

Geeky parents don’t only like Star Wars and all things superheroes, but they also love to relax and play some video games after a hard day at the office. That’s exactly what this baby will do in a few years’ time!