Cute Child Stars Who Grew Up Ugly


Being a child star is really tough– especially when they start to go through puberty– with the whole world watching.  It’s unfortunate when a grown-up star doesn’t look as cute as they did as a kid.  Here are some formerly cute child stars who grew up ugly.

1. Angus T. Jones

The child star of Two and a Half Men looks slightly different with acne and a bigger nose.  His boyish good looks are lost on him as he grew older.

angus t jones two and a half men

2. Dustin Diamond

The actor who played Screech in Saved by the Bell was always gangly and awkward, so we’re really not too surprised that he grew up to be a little goofy-looking.


3. Ron Howard

The adorable little boy on the left who starred in many episodes of The Andy Griffith Show turned out a little less cute than his little-boy self.

ron howard

4. Jonathan Lipnicki

The child actor who starred in many movies for kids throughout the 90’s such as Stuart Little, Like Mike, and Jerry Maguire didn’t turn out quite as handsome later on in life as we would have hoped.  So unfortunate.

jonathon lipnicki

5. Frankie Muniz

The star from Malcolm in the Middle was a goofy-looking kid…he might have even gotten a little bit better looking with age…but not much.


6. Danny Bonaduce

Child actor Danny Bonaduce starred in The Partridge Family but went on to do a host of other things, including becoming a professional wrestler.  We’re not surprised he never started modeling.


7. Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong is the tough little boy who starred in The Terminator series.  Now, he’s just kinda weird-looking.


8. Lark Voorhies

Lark starred in Saved by the Bell,  and was a very pretty young actress.  We really aren’t sure what happened.  Could it be too much plastic surgery?

lark voorhies saved by the bell

9. Brian Bonsall

Brian Bonsall rubbed shoulders with Michael Fox when he played the littlest member of the family on Family Ties. Now, he’s had some run-ins with the law and tattoos on his neck.

Brian-Bonsall family ties

10. Josh Saviano

Josh was on the The Wonder Years for a while…always trying to win Winnie’s heart.  Turns out his childhood geeky side carried with him through life.

josh saviano

11. Corey Feldman

Corey starred in movies from the late 80’s and early 90’s such as The Goonies, The Lost Boys, and Gremlins.  He looks a lot more intense as an adult and much less sweet and innocent.


12. Charlie Korsmo

Charlie is known for small but notable roles he played in movies like What About Bob, as the son of the family Bob stays with.  He also plays the son of Peter Pan in Hook.

charlie korsmo

13. Taylor Momsen

Adorable Cindy-lou Who turned goth-girl singer.  She was such a sweet little girl.  She could be really pretty if she didn’t have so much black makeup around her eyes!

taylor momsen

14. Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Disney channel stars of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” all grown up and we’re like….uh, what happened to those cute little boys we knew so well?

cole dylan sprouse

15. Sean Astin

He was in Goonies as a teenager but you might also recognize him from the more recent role of Sam from Lord of the Rings. We want those teenage good looks to come back!

sean astin

15. Macaulay Culkin

He was the star child actor of the 90’s with his hit movie, Home Alone and Home Alone 2.  We aren’t quite sure what’s happened in the years since then…but whatever it is, isn’t good.

macaulay culkin

16. Jeremy Miller

He played Kirk Cameron’s younger brother on Growing Pains and we can see that growing up was definitely a pain for him!

jeremy miller

17. Mara Wilson

She’s most well known for her role in Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street but we aren’t sure why she didn’t get any prettier.  She was such a cute little girl!

mara wilson

18. Haley Joel Osment

His hit movie The Sixth Sense scared us to death…but now we’re more afraid of his grown-up self.  Who is that guy?  He’s got the same eyes but he’s just not cute anymore.

haley joel osment

19. Zackary Ty Brian

He played the middle brother on Home Improvement and he’s definitely put on a little bit of weight since then….such a shame, right?


20. Anthony Stevens

He’s most known for his mischievous role as little brother “Beans” on Disney’s Even Stevens.  It’s so disappointing– he just looks like an old man now but he played a cute chubby kid on TV ten years ago.