These Cute Illustrations Will Help You Learn Sign Language


Alex Solis, a Chicago-based web designer and illustrator has found a way to make the American Sign Language more fun to learn, especially for deaf-mute little kids who are still starting to learn the American Sign Language. He took pictures of his daughter’s hands doing the American Sign Language Alphabet and added some cute characters to make it easier to identify and memorize. The cute characters also interact with the hand to aid you in memorizing the fingers’ correct position.

We already talked about this creative artist in another post featuring his other amusing artwork entitled “Icons Unmasked” and “Famous Chunkies”. Check out his instagram for more of his work.

1. A for Apple

A for Apple

2. B for Bear

B for Bear

3. C for Cats

C for Cats

4. D for Dog

D for Dog

5. E for Elephant and Eagle

E for Elephant and Eagle

6. F for Fox and Fish

F for Fox and Fish

7. G for Gorilla

G for Gorilla

8. H for Hippo

H for Hippo

9. I for Iguana

I for Iguana

10. J for Jaguar

J for Jaguar

11. K for Koala

K for Koala

12. L for Lion

L for Lion


13. M for Monkeys

M for Monkeys


14. N for Narwhal

N for Narwhal


15. O for Octopus

O for Octopus


16. P for Penguin and Pig

P for Penguin and Pig


17. Q for Quail

Q for Quail


18. R for Rabbit

R for Rabbit


19. S for Skunk

S for Skunk


20. T for Turtle and Toucan

T for Turtle and Toucan


21. U for Unicorn

U for Unicorn


22. V for Vampire

V for Vampire


23. W for Walrus

W for Walrus

24. X for X-rays

X for X-rays

25. Y for Yak and Yarn

Y for Yak and Yarn

26. Z for Zebra and El Zorro

Z for Zebra and El Zorro