Cute Pictures Proving Why Puppies Can Make Everyone Happy


We all know that life becomes so much better when you get a puppy. There’s nothing quite as adorable as a playful little puppy who just wants to kiss and cuddle with you, his/her precious master.



Dogs come in all sorts of breeds, shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are the most loving, loyal, and friendly animals in the world, with the unique ability to make even the most intense cat person insanely happy. Check out these amazingly cute pictures proving why puppies have the power to make everyone happy. Enjoy!

#1 Big Boy!


It’s the little things in life that can bring you so much joy. For this smiling dog, its chewing on a beloved, yet ragged chew toy.

#2 Beautiful Smile


Who doesn’t like to have their ears rubbed? Certainly not this fellow. The smile on his face says it all!

#3 Happy Friends


We all have those friends who remain cool, calm and collected no matter what the situation. Apparently it is no different for dogs.

#4 Free Hug


Dogs are truly man’s best friend, or in this case, this little boy’s best friend. Both of them seem to be thoroughly enjoying this cuddle.

#5 Paradise!


The beautiful, still turquoise water is the perfect place for a calming swim, whether you are a dog or a human.

#6 Big Tongue


Perhaps this adorable Pug is looking at an ice cream cone and thinking that he would love to give it a good lick!

#7 Snowy Love


What a beautiful background for a pet hug. This owner is keeping her dog warm while the snow gently begins to fall.

#8 Little Sailor


This dog is all dressed up for a voyage at sea, or rather a pool.

#9 Chilling In His Territory


This dog is just pooped probably from running around outside. I think we all pretty much make this face after a long day at work.

#10 Sit!


We can’t get over this beautiful gray/blue puppy. His expression is so sweet and innocent.

#11 Selfie Time


We all love a dog selfie. This dog has taken a few notes from Tyra Banks and has definitely mastered the smize (smiling with your eyes)

#12 Tired Boy


We all need a little relaxation time. Snuggling in your loved ones lap is one of life’s greatest pleasures whether you’re a dog or a person.

#13 Adorable Little Boy


We are in love with this sweet puppy and his fluffy coat of fur.

#14 The Best Companion


This little Corgi loves being snuggled up with his owner on a warm day.

#15 Canine Cowboy


This dog is seriously over it, but we think his face perfectly matches his cowboy costume.

#16 Snuggle Time


This little nugget can’t even be bothered to look at the camera since he’s loving every second of snuggling with his owner.

#17 Colorful Little Chap


This beautiful dog looks otherworldly with his icy blue eyes and his coat almost looks like black and white tiger stripes.

#18 High Five!


Everyone needs positive encouragement even dogs!

#19 Happy Birthday, Buddy!


That meal might not look the most pleasant to us, but it is surely a birthday feast for this four-legged friends.

#20 Poor Dinosaur…


This funny dog has done a number on this dinosaur toy but we are sure she enjoyed every second of destroying it.

#21 She’s His Everything


This beautiful dog is staring so lovingly at his owner.

#22 Sunbathing


Everyone enjoys a little time in the sun, basking in its rays. Dogs are no exception!

#23 I Hate Bath Time


We are loving the filter applied to this photo as it so accurately captures the angst this dog is feeling about his bath.

#24 Admiring The Horizon


Like us, this dog seems to be mesmerized by the spectacular view. We are also enamored with his beautiful, blue eyes.

#25 Sweet Dreams!


We love napping in cars and apparently this puppy does too. Sweet dreams little one!

#26 Happy (But Tired) Family


This dog family is just pooped. We can imagine the hard day they had, running and jumping everywhere .

#27 Say Cheese!


Here’s another awesome owner and pet selfie. Although we are chuckling at this dog’s expression because he looks seriously over it.

#28 Dog Trick


This dog is super talented as he’s managed to grab three balls at the same time. Strong jaws!

#29 Super Puppy


This pet friend is ready to swoop into action and save the day. What a cool vintage Superman shirt!

#30 The Coolest Pup Around


No photos please is what this dog is probably thinking. Thank goodness he has shades on to protect him from the camera’s bright flash!